Virtue's Last Reward (PlayStation Vita) £14.99

Virtue's Last Reward (PlayStation Vita) £14.99

Found 31st Jul 2017
Everybody dies… …can you escape the inescapable?

Kidnapped and taken to a mysterious warehouse, Sigma awakens in an elevator with a girl named Phi. He soon discovers that there are seven others playing a sick game of life or death with guidance from a mysterious rabbit named Zero III. Their mission: survive and escape the warehouse. But with secrets, betrayal and intrigue everywhere, who will survive this warehouse of hell?

Heralded Beginnings Successor to the highly acclaimed ‘9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors’ with some old friends joining the new cast

Beautifully Original Visual elements masterfully rendered in 3D and featuring original Japanese voice with English subtitles

Different Gameplay Experiences Two types of gameplay, ‘Novel’ and ‘Escape’ sections, offer players a chance to drastically change outcomes and solve complex puzzles

Multiple Endings Play different timelines and find the one true ending
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Same price for Nintendo 3ds as well.
great game - prefer the NTSC version as it has an English dub which was pretty good for this game - the nonary games release also has this dub - but yeah, both are a bit more expensive than this

probably the best game of the trilogy for me
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