Visiq Rechargeable Hair Clipper £3.99 (Collect @ Store) @ Argos

Visiq Rechargeable Hair Clipper £3.99 (Collect @ Store) @ Argos


cheap! but im guessing itll rip your hair out rather than cut it

this was posted earlier but has since been removed.

Had to laugh at this review:
"This product was useless it managed to only do half my husbands head. He ended up going into Argos with half his head shaved and the other not just to show what an awful job it had done! Blunt cheap useless blades. It is only fit for the bin!"

Have to agree with other posts....
Compete Rubbish, I have actually gone back to using the old ones, instead of uisng these one's i bought to replace the old ones.


Same as others, Cheap and nasty, like pulling yourhair out with tweezers

Have to agree, it may seem cheap but this is awful. Got one last time they were on sale at Argos. I was lucky to at least compltely cut my har once, but tried gain a month later and it just made a funny noise and wouldn't cut hair, but managed to snag on my hair pretty good, which bloodywell hurt!

Binned it in disgust. Total waste of money.

Voted cold due to article being rubbish.
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