Visit the home of Downton Abbey - Highclere Castle £13

Visit the home of Downton Abbey - Highclere Castle £13

Found 7th Nov 2013
A perfect Christmas present I feel, a ticket to the castle and grounds of the now mega famous castle used for the filming of Downton Abbey!

A few days have sold out already but I am sure it is something many will be after
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not too sure if i would consider this a "deal", however thanks for the pressie idea
haha yeah well, its pretty cheap if you ask me! thats two pressies sorted for me at least!
if you phone them up to book i believe they can add the name to the account, but im going with my gifted person
All dates last year sold out very quickly, especially July and August...
think this is where Katie Price & Peter Andre got married! The only thing putting me off.
Where is this castle?

Where is this castle?

Kingsclere, it's near Newbury
Only April & May for anyone else?
Mr Hunter

Only April & May for anyone else?

That's what I'm getting too. Unless we're doing something wrong lol
Mr Hunter

Only April & May for anyone else?

thats right, theyre opening it up for april and may only at the moment.
in feb they will release the dates for summer it says on the site
Early Crimbo present sorted for mother dearest. Can't wait to tell dad he has take her and traipse round there for a few hours
Is this not asking price, therefore not a deal, therefore not for this site?

It's not ever a castle! At best it's a country house, about as cold as a cold thing for me!
well they call it a castle but yes it is up to you whether you feel it is grand enough to be considered one.

mayhaps i should rename the post to highclere country manor house?

in regards to a "deal" i feel for a "face value" ticket for something that sells out very quickly and us public benefit from a heads up to its availability, i really dont care that there isnt any money off.

the fact that a few people have been happy that this is what they wanted for themselves or loved ones, makes me feel this post is worthy!
All dates gone now...
thanks bud!
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