Vistaprint Photo Calendars £7.99 Multi Photo A5

Vistaprint Photo Calendars £7.99 Multi Photo A5

Found 12th Nov 2013
Give a personal present Choose from beautiful designs, add your own photos.Photo Wall Calendars start at £7.99 (inc. VAT)

I am after 5 calendars so it goes down to £5.94 which seems pretty good for what you can get multi photos and 13% cashback probably

Looked at all the other offerings available photobox, lidl and this still seemed the best.
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£12.74 each for me?
I usually use these when the xmas 99p ones come out, they don't seem to be offering any at a decent price like the last few years.
nope says from £12.74 on the main page, i know they was that price a few days ago but its ran out i missed the offer, so thought it was back on then
I buy these from Vistaprint every year. Usually, I get 5-7 for £9.99, deal usually comes out later in the month, and must say that even though Vistaprint has some bad press I've never had any problem with them. Also, the quality of them is fantastic compared to some others I've seen
I never got my last order or a refund. Nightmare. But agree with the 99p comments, even then you'd pay a daft amount like £3.79!

Thanks maybe I need to wait? Was that 5 photo calendars for a total of … Thanks maybe I need to wait? Was that 5 photo calendars for a total of £9.99 or each please?

They used to be £9.99, I think they went up to £11.99 last year. The last few years I have got a five for the price of one offer. Depending on how quick you want them and whether or not you have other items in the order, you could realistically get 5 calendars for about £15. A great deal that I have used loads of times and the quality is very good. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the five for one deal this year at all :-(
Still £7.99 and free 14 day delivery.....desk calenders are £2.49. Not as good at the Free/99p offers years gone by, but seems to be the best deal at them moment
i apologise you are correct i had to delete my history to see the offer.... for some reason i still had the old prices when viewing the site sorry... now i can do my order thanks
i have used them for the last 2 or 3 years to get calenders for xmas pressies for grannies and great grannies and have always used the 5 for the price of 1 deal which has been amazing and quality great. can't find anything like that this year which is a pain cos they have all been asking for them again and now i'm looking at having to pay out about £40 don't want to leave it too late though, xmas is less than 5 weeks away now!!!
Anyone seen any offers with Vistaprint cheaper than £7.99? I've never paid more than about £4 previous years.
There is 25% quidco at the moment, but doesn't seem to be any other offers
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