Vistron 19" Widescreen TFT TV (1440x900 resolution) - £108.46 delivered (after Google)
Vistron 19" Widescreen TFT TV (1440x900 resolution) - £108.46 delivered (after Google)

Vistron 19" Widescreen TFT TV (1440x900 resolution) - £108.46 delivered (after Google)

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* Panel: SUMSUNG GRADE A 19"
* Brightness: 300cd/m2
* Max Resolution: 1440 x 900
* Contrast Ratio: 800:1
* Pixel Pitch: 0.294*0.294mm
* Viewing Angle: H:75/75 V:75/60
* Response Time: 8ms
* Display Model: VGA/SVGA/XGA



Can this be used as a tv without a pc?


pinky8 x


Hi,Can this be used as a tv without a pc?Thanks,pinky8 x

This 19" LCD is full of features and is the perfect T.V for any bedroom or kitchen. The screen quality is superb and perfect for watching your favourite T.V show or the latest football match.
so i'd say it could :thumbsup:

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It is a tv pinky 8. It should also work well as a pc monitor.

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If you want freeview rather than just analogue TV you could get one of these. £39.99 before google

Thanks for your replies I have sky in my bedroom using a mouse will this beable to work on this tv?

Thanks again,

pinky8 x

Also how will it mount to my wall in my bedroom?

Thanks again

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Also how will it mount to my wall in my bedroom?Thanks again pinky8 x

there is a bundle available for the tv and a wall mount for £123.14 after google checkout, which is saving £5 on the wall mount.


thanks for this. been looking for a cheap one for my nan. she's 87 and she didn't want 'one of those old fashioned big ones' anymore!

Pixel Pitch: 0.294*0.294mm = [COLOR="Red"]Pathetic[/COLOR]... You want around 0.25-0.26

Thanks I have just ordered one I didn't want to spend much money and I think this is perfect

pinky8 x

i have one of these. its unbelievably cheap at this price.
this aint top of the range however;
it looks nice and has a handle which makes it real easy to manhandle should you move it around a fair bit.
sound is OK, picture is good but just a little white/bright despite me changing settings.
i have owned a hyundai and an alba cheap lcd tv and this is the best one.

i am sure people will compare this to £400 sonys and say the specs suck but it is perfect for a bedroom or kitchen tv.

Thanks pmcx9 mine should arrive within 5 days so I will let everyone know what I think Thanks again OP

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Pixel Pitch: 0.294*0.294mm = [COLOR="Red"]Pathetic[/COLOR]... You want … Pixel Pitch: 0.294*0.294mm = [COLOR="Red"]Pathetic[/COLOR]... You want around 0.25-0.26

[COLOR="Red"]Pathetic[/COLOR] reply, this is fine for a cheap bedroom TV.


My TV arrived today and it looks really nice but the bracketr will not fit on the TV? I haver tried tyo call ebuyer on their 0845 number but no one is picking up? Does anyone have another number to ring?


pinky8 xxx

Ordered one of these just before google checkout expired.

Perfect for what I want..little tv I can use in the Bedroom or even have on my PC desk for TV while gaming lol

Price gone up to £154.98 glad I got mine for £108 :-D


Price gone up to £154.98 glad I got mine for £108 :-D

Just noticed this too, well chuffed...just gotta wait for it to turn up...cursed super saver delivery.

first time its actually taken as long as it states.

Mine arrived yesterday...easy to set up, came with all the leads for DVD and PC...shame the sticky labels on the screen and frame cause a problem to remove...but still a cracking deal.

I have just received my second one of these and frankly disappointed.

My first one I got previously from play.com about 6 weeks ago and it was excellent.

Although it looks the same it is not badged, has a different on screen menu and different remote.

This one has 3 bright multicoloured lcd dots centre screen. The audio settings are greyed out in the on screen menu and cannot be adjusted. The instructions do not match the on screen menu or the remote. The auto tune didnt work for me as I am trying to scan into the 5 terestrial analog signals from a cable feed. The manual tune is extremely clumsy and took me half an hour to find, you must scroll down from the auto tune page.

pmcx9, what are you gonna do?

I'm having similar problems with mine.

The default settings are terrible. I got some improvement on the picture by adjusting brightness, contrast, sharpness etc, but like you I can't change the sound which is rubbish.

Add to that, it keeps losing the scart signal when my dvd player changes chapters and a piece of plastic is missing from the power supply which makes it look like someone tried to pry it open.

Needless to say, it's going back. Anyone got any good experiences to make be think exchange rather than refund?

BTW - its described as GRADE A. Does that mean its a refurb? Mine would seem to indicate that.
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