Vistron 3-Tier Glass TV Stand For 42" to 60" £24.45 + £10.53 Next Day Shipping @ ebuyer

Vistron 3-Tier Glass TV Stand For 42" to 60" £24.45 + £10.53 Next Day Shipping @ ebuyer

Found 31st Dec 2009Made hot 9th Jan 2009
For Shipping you can stipulate morning or afternoon next day delivery for £10.53

Practical, stylish and specifically designed To accommodate up to 60" LCD and PLASMA screens, with sufficient shelf space for mini separates plus DVD player, video recorder, satellite receiver.

Sleek and stylish looks complement the designs of the latest AV equipment

All of our stands are made from the finest quality materials to give you the ultimate piece of furniture to compliment your LCD/Plasma.Substantial metal supports with bolt together design. Constructed with quality Aluminium uprights and toughened glass. A rigid design ensures a very stable support that will improve the performance of both video and audio products.


Substantial metal supports with bolt together design.

Silver finish.

Tempered 8mm thick top glass panel.

Packed flat for home assembly.

Effective cable tidy.

Ample space for AV equipment.


Width 1200mm

Depth 450mm

Height 535mm


Incredibly heavy - well made - looks like a £200 bit of kit. The legs are actually brushed alloy The top thick black glass has a really nice chrome looking insert for the legs.
check the size - you need a big room for this.
I've got the smaller one.
Very HOT!:thumbsup:

Have just ordered mine, cant beleive "next day" delivery (monday) is the cheapest ofall the delivery options (ie even cheaper than super saver). Have it set to be delivered on monday between 7:30 and 12:00. From past experience i know as a matter of a fact it isnt going to come in that time frame but nevermind. Excellent price, lot of reviews saying it had been bashed about when they got it delivered and a lot saying it had been chipped but as long as its not overly noticable im not really bothered.

It just arrived. To be honest not as sturdy as the reviews on the website had made it out to be. Glass is fine not chipped, box was battered. Legs dont feel very strong at all. Also not quite as big as i thought it would be.

Havnt put my tv on it yet...bit unsure about its strength but suppose will have to take the plunge at some point. fingers crossed.

My order turned up smashed
Citylink driver/manager refused to take it away
Returns phone line 19 in queue
Returns website procedure not working.

My opinion = avoid

I got one of these a year ago from eBuyer - looks the same model - surprisingly solid and was delivered undamaged. Very happy with it. Even with postage costs its a bargain.

Hot. Paid over £50 for this about 18 months ago. Was worried about the poor packing, but was perfect inside

Voted cold as ebuyers delivery prices are ridiculous!

I tried to buy a compact keyboard for £6 yesterday, the cheapest delivery option was £9.99, Behave.

despite a good deal, with fragile stuff like this, ill never pay to have it delivered - will always get it fresh from some shop.

Thought this had free delivery on it? Sure it did last week.
Oh well.

word to the wise.. these are not well made at all.. the 'pipes' that hold the glass up are thin plasitc **** that scratches easily and don't sit evenly or still in place. for the price it's worth it as a cheap alternative (the glass is is fairly decent), but don't be expecting to get a £100 glass stand that's been reduced to this price... the thing is only worth the £35 you are paying.

I bought it and a load of other stuff for £50 delivered when I posted this thread ages ago.…073

It's fantastic - exactly what I needed and was delivered in perfect nick. Anyone who comes round cant quite believe that I only paid £20 odd quid for it....


My order turned up smashedCitylink driver/manager refused to take it … My order turned up smashedCitylink driver/manager refused to take it awayReturns phone line 19 in queueReturns website procedure not working.My opinion = avoid

If you checked it before signing, you don't have to accept delivery. You can tell ebuyer that you never received it (or that the Citylink driver refused to take it back) and, of course, they'll have no signature as proof of delivery.

I bought this about 6 months ago for about this price and it arrived in almost perfect condition (one tiny chip). While I agree that the leg assembly isn't the most obvious, it works out to be very sturdy. The legs are basically several pipes of aluminium-like metal that are held together using a long screw that stretches the whole height of the leg assembly. There are no guide points so you have to make sure each of the chromed plastic "washers" (the buffers between the tubes and the glass) are lined up correctly before you tighten the screw. Ebuyer look to have left these washers out of the assembly in their pictures.

It's an interesting method of assembly, but there's nothing wrong with the engineering - the tension in the screw naturally wants the legs to be centred; the pressure exerted between each tube/glass point is plenty enough to ensure lateral movement is almost eliminated (and you can't then leverage enough pressure on any point to break the glass or snap a leg); and the centred leg posts can easily support the vertical pressure. Anyone who complains about the sturdiness almost certainly hasn't assembled it properly - the parts are so simple that I'm not sure how there could be a defect.

Shipping is now more expensive.
£15.63 for standard supersaver delivery and £21.05 for Next working day

Shipping for next day (Saturday 10th) is £21.05!!! Where did OP get £10.53 from?

Can anyone with one of these please measure the height of the tiers? Can't see it on their website.


I purchased a vistron TV stand from ebuyer last week for £57 in black. The stand was delivered by city link. I have never seen a box so battered, all the corners were ripped open exposing the glass shelves and there were big holes in the side of the box. I nearly refused the delivery but decided to check the contents before doing so. I found that no damage had been done to the contents, which I think shows how well made these stands are. I don't know if the stand left in ebuyer in this state or if the damge was caused by city link. Voted hot.

Superb stand - bought this when the deal was still £24 + £10 next day delivery on Monday this week and got a total bargain. :thumbsup:

I bought one of these when it was £42 + delivery from Ebuyer a few years ago. Very well made stand and compared to what Comets had in at the time was just as good but 4 times as cheap. The packaging wasn't too ripped when I got it but maybe I was one of the lucky ones. The glass had a very slight chip on the back of the top tier of the stand but as my TV goes in front of that I'm not really fussed. Mrs had the hump as she thought I'd been out and spent £200 on it
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