Vistron 5.1 Home Cinema System - £26.45 inc delivery

Vistron 5.1 Home Cinema System - £26.45 inc delivery

Found 31st Oct 2006
Vistron ET-600 5.1 Home Cinema System is just £26.45 inc Supersaver delivery from

If the direct link doesnt work, search using code 105156

Enjoy the best films with the best Sound with this 5.1 Surround Sound System : Subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers | 5x 10W RMS | Inouts for TV, VCR, DVD AND Aux | Full inputs for 5.1 DVD Adio output | Remote control
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thats a great find edi. thanks.

any idea if it can be used on a pc?
Anyone know if it can be used with the XBox 360. I suspect not, as I think you need to have an optical input. However, in one of the ebuyer reviews a person talks about using it with the Xbox 360 - anyone know?
check out the comments on the web site about these speakers...................:thinking:
Our Price:£17.01 ex VAT, £19.99 inc VAT
Sorry jase & dave - I cant answer your queries... Sure there are some experts here...... :roll:

Donno if this helps...
Looking at that photo I would say no to use on xbox.
From the connections it looks like you would have now problem connecting a pc or xbox 360 to the 2ch inputs, you could certainly do pc souncard out the green socket to red and white inputs on the unit if you had the connections on the pc sound card then you may be able to use the 5.1 ch inputs. You wouldn't be able to get the 5.1 sound from the xbox 360 as this speaker system has no optical input but you could use the 2ch red and white audio inputs.
Just what I though - cheers for the info. Dave.
yeah xbox 360 will connect as 2.1 without a problem.

Doesnt seem to be a reasonably priced solution for surround sound on a 360
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