Vistron MX-200I Internet Radio White £44.78 @ ebuyer including super saver delivery

Vistron MX-200I Internet Radio White £44.78 @ ebuyer including super saver delivery

Found 13th Jan 2009

* Internet radio/Media Player
* Support Wi-Fi wireless connection
* Support MP3 & WMA Playback
* Up to 99 presets for favourite radio stations
* Time and Date Function
* LCD display (2 x 16 Dots with blue backlight)
* AC Adaptor power supply 9V
* Unit Size: 164 x 98 x 98mm
* Full function IR Remote Control

Note: My first "Deal" post, not exactly a deal as such as i can't find anyone else selling them.
Thought this would be useful to those that missed out on the PC World Freecom Musicpal offer. There is a pink colour version also available.


Have the black one (was the same price), nice unit. Very easy to set up, really needs to be connected to external speakers though, after which huge improvement in sound. Register the serial number with and you can set up your own list of preferred stations and streams.

Will also stream music from a shared folder on a PC connetced to the same network. Have found a huge array of stuff to listen to, working happily in my kitchen since Christmas.

Only drawbacks are (i) internal speaker sounds tinny (ii) no wired LAN connection (iii) no facility to run on batteries (iv) if you have a capped download limit and use it a lot you could run into problems.

If you want an economic way to access most of the world's radio output in one place - buy one!

Some good info from an enthusiast to check out ]here. I have 2 internet radios (Logik IR100 & Freecom Musicpal) and they are great. Since I've started using them my DAB sits in the corner doing nothing, it can't compete (well, it can for portabilty but who carries a radio around with them :roll:). This is an ok price, for me its just the right side of the line to be hot, but you may still find a Logik or Freecom in Currys or PC World thats a bit cheaper.

p.s. also some useful info ]here from a previous post when it was around £50.

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Edited price as I had forgotten to include delivery.
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