Visual Studio Express editions free
I'm currently on a computer technology course and to obtain a legal full copy of visual studio is something ridiculous. So for anyone studying an course on programming with visual studio this is a very helpful download, or even for those just wanting to try it out. Just choose the type of script you wish to use and hit the free download button
this is my first post, not sure anyone has posted this before, have searched and can't see it

added a new link below to the correct site


with your course, investigate if they have an msdnaa licence, this will give you all the software, operating systems, and more for free.

msdnaa = microsoft developer network academic alliance

most good places get this licence because it is dirt cheap and benefits the students a lot

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thanks for the information. I've just checked with my university website and unfortunately my course comes under engineering rather than a computer and mathematical sciences (although both are the main aspects of the course), are the only courses registered for msdnaa

Lots more Microsoft stuff for free here too if you are a student and qualify for it: dreamspark.com/def…spx

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Had no problems accessing that. Cheers!

Your "go to deal" link above takes you to a generic Microsoft Store web site. No obvious link to Visual Studio Express (in fact I cant find Visual Studio Express with a search).

This may be a better site to direct people to, the Microsoft Express site (select Downloads)

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