Vitamix Aspire Blender instore @ Costco

Vitamix Aspire Blender instore @ Costco

£299.98Costco Deals
Found 27th Nov 2015
Costco have these on offer at the moment.
I bought a blendtec last year but these are a great machine too and the cheapest price I have ever seen for a Vitamix.

An amazing kitchen gadget that will get you eating healthy.
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Costco also do 1.8kg of frozen pineapple or frozen mango for £4.80, and farmfoods do frozen mixed berries 3 small bags for £2.

So cheap fresh smoothies daily!

Edited by: "usman330" 27th Nov 2015
how do you get the voucher Usman, can only see it for £399.00 at costco

how do you get the voucher Usman, can only see it for £399.00 at costco

You don't actually need the voucher, all Costco stores will have it at this price and when you take it to the the till they will scan it at 299.98, I have never had to produce the voucher for any offer items at costco I just go to the toll with it and they always scan at the offer price.

If you do want to see the actual physical voucher there are usually loads of offer booklets as you walk in to the store and the voucher will be inside it, or if your already a member they will have posted re voucher booklet out to you as the normally do.
Thanks for that, I don't think we have a Cosco round here, but thanks anyway.
Costco is a trade place and you need a card to purchase. Online you can pay 5% on top if your not a member but that might not apply in store.
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