Vitamix blender £499.99 from Costco

Vitamix blender £499.99 from Costco

£499.99Costco Deals
Found 2nd Jan 2013
Just seen this deal in my email from Costco. We were lucky enough to have one of these blenders bought for us for Christmas 3 years ago and I can honestly say it is one of the best pieces of kitchen equipment I have ever owned.

It may seem like a crazy price for a blender but it's not your average everyday blender. This thing can make icecream from ice frozen fruit and milk or cream in 30 seconds flat, or hot soup from cold veg and cold water to steaming hot soup in 6 minutes just from the power of the blades. You don't even need to peal your veg and fruit most of the time. It can handle whole apples core and all no pealing of carrots just chuck them in! You wouldn't even know that the peals and cores had even gone in when you try the finished smoothie soup or sauce. It's powerful enough to even blitz things that would kill other blenders like chicken bones and stringy celery.

I genuinely cannot express how impressive this machine is - if you are unsure ( because lets face it it's a lot of money), then go and check out the product online, watch videos on YouTube or watch the demo they occassionally run on ideal world ( normally I'm massively sceptical on those but this really can do all the things they say it can).

What makes this a particularly good deal is the additional small jug that they are throwing in at that price. Ours cost that 3 years ago with just the main large jug. We have looked into getting the smaller jug as a spare and for doing smaller quantities and they were wanting £100 just for the small jug on its own.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I will try to help.
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I saw this on demo at costco and was wondering why it seemed to be overpriced by a multiple of 10 ... is this really that good?
but , will it blend !
Not into eating blended chicken bones myself, but each to their ow.
Honestly it really is that good. I was massivly skeptical when I first saw the price but after seeing the demo ( twice I may add ) and trying the samples of food they produced from it I was very interested. As they say though the proof is in the pudding and it wasn't until we got it home after Christmas and really had a good play with it that we were totally convinced. Consider for instance a smoothie. These are the same machines that are used in places like Boost and Starbucks but now rather than forking out 3 quid for a smoothie I can make it for a few pence. The soups come out like restaurant quality velouté on account of this also being the machine that's used in a lot of top restaurants.

With regards to the "mug" comment. I have owned various food processors and blenders from cheep as chips models to mid range and now this. Simple answer to your comment is you get what you pay for. No its not cheap by any means but it's damn good. but hey each to their own.
Oh and the chicken bone thing I wasn't suggesting you eat it. Just pointing out how powerful it is, though the blended bones do make fantastic fertiliser for the garden.
Which model ? Normal or platinum ?…A8A

£399 for the normal one at lakeland.
the reviews aren't exactly glowing…tml

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Does it double as a cement mixer? X)
Mostly 5* glowing reviews on John Lewis. 53 of them.…spx

Seems like an amazing and very robust machine with a 7 year warranty. £399 at Lakeland - still very expensive.

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Mostly 5* glowing reviews on John Lewis. 53 of … Mostly 5* glowing reviews on John Lewis. 53 of them.

hmm valid point ;-)

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Hey gemgenie, would also like to know which model this is. And do you know if the blades stay in the jug on the vitamix ones.

Hi brazza, just looked at the costco website and the vitamix website and they have changed how they name them since we got ours, this one seems to go by the model name total nutrition centre. The vitamix website has the base blender for £459 and the small container is £115 on top of that.

With regards to blades I can't say for sure on this model but ours has integrated blades in the jugs. It's the easiest blender I've ever had to clean. No faffing about unscrewing the jug removing the blades and the seal to get them all clean. This you quater fill the jug with some warm water and add 2drops of washing up liquid, set it going again for 10-15 seconds then just empty and rinse it. Job done. The only time I find I have to actually wash it up properly is when I've done a thick hot soup and left it stood in the jug for too long, but even then it's a doddle to clean..
Just looked at the Lakeland one. It only has the small jug for £399 ( it's a different model) though it seems to be the same base motor. The large 2L wet jug to upgrade it to the one above cost 130 quid which makes the Costco offering still the best value
who is that smarmy person in the picture - he should win an award for the cheesiest smile ever - yuk!
We got ours (Vitamix TNC) at a trade fair (Homebuilding at the NEC) for £429 with an extended 10 year warranty and extra cookery books. Our trade tickes were freebies as well :-) I wonder if the costco one is the stainless steel one that retails over £500 or I think there is a more heavy duty one for catering use.

I would recommend seeing a demo to make sure it's what you want. On the UK vitamix website it shows which exhibitions where demo's it will be shown (nothing listed at the moment).

Our main use is for making rice milk which costs us about 10p a litre - so it is saving us a fortune. We've also been happy with the soups and sorbets that take less than a few minutes to make. It's also really easy to clean :-)

who is that smarmy person in the picture - he should win an award for the … who is that smarmy person in the picture - he should win an award for the cheesiest smile ever - yuk!

search for will it blend on youtube
This used to be on Ideal world at £499 but you get 4 monthly payments to pay for it plus you get 4.04% TCB. You can get a refurb one on Ideal world for £399. They are bloody amazing mind going off the demonstrations they had.

thanks for the link! search for will it blend on youtube

hmm i was wrong - he's not smarmy, he's just a smuck...

the way they cut and edited that video of the IPAD suggests it took them ages to get that to that stage....
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Or slightly more on JL with bigger…ite

Not sure if they are the same blenders though.
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