Vittoria Randonneur II Road Bike Tyre £13.49 @ Chain Reaction Cycles

Vittoria Randonneur II Road Bike Tyre £13.49 @ Chain Reaction Cycles

Found 8th Aug 2015
Great tires, very puncture resistant, roll well.

One if the best commuter tyres.

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Wiggle advertise them at £13.49 and also Planet X have some larger width ones at just £6.99.
Oops! £13.39 at Wiggle. Can't seem to edit via cellphone
£12.99 @ Decathlon, original price.
35mm x 700c are £6.99 @ Planet X Here
Got mine from Planet-X last year and rode the rear tyre into the ground commuting around 10k per a year, no punctures in that time till the tyre was worn to the carcass and I rode through the glass filled streets of London

35mm x 700c are £6.99 @ Planet X Here

​But 35mm tyres. Who uses those!?
Few tricks for punctures. When changing tubes, inflate the new tube slightly and insert into tyre before fitting. This prevents twists and makes everything else easier too. Pull the valve well out to make sure no twists there either.

Second, when taking out a punctured tyre, mark the position near the valve with a sticky tape or tie a string before removing it. Once you find the the hole, in a deep pot full of water, note it's angel and position with respect to the valve. Find the relative position on the tyre with the reference point you marked. Now you can hunt down the little culprit, usually tiny glass, and dig it out. Otherwise you will simply get another puncture if it is still there.

Finally bought a couple of these Randonneurs last week and fitted them, without any levers or any tools. even Marathon+ can be fitted without any tool or even strings or zip ties as in the last link below. Even if the lever does not puncture the new tube, it can strain and weaken it by wearing it out. No tools are needed except a little knowledge. Push in the whole of one side, easy. Then just keep pushing the tyre edges deep into the belly of the wheel rim and push up towards the last bit. Alternate sides, till it pops in, very easy:…UT4…_Is

P.S. On these Randonneurs, the grooved arrows should preferrably be facing forward as slightly increases the roll and instead of collecting particles in the grooves, spits them out the back slightly more than if they were fitted the other way.

​But 35mm tyres. Who uses those!?

Me. Spot on for a cyclocross bike used for winter commuting along gravel/canal paths.
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