Vitus Razor road bike £374.99 @ CRC

Vitus Razor road bike £374.99 @ CRC

Found 29th May 2014
Ideal 1st road bike! was £500 now 25% off.
See review -…500
Reputable manufacturer & retailer.
Free delivery.
Good spec for your £.

Looking to buy a sub £400 road bike myself & having done some homework - the Razor appears to have better spec than Halfords tdf , merlins maven + s2000, decathalon b'twin, felt f95, Mekk Pinerolo AL ZR and others.

Highlights are : Carbon fork, shimano Claris shifters/derailleurs, tektro brakes, sub 10kg total weight, plus eyelets for mudguard and pannier attachment.

But if you have an extra £100 - there are better bikes!

Please tell me if you find a better value/spec bike for me to buy instead
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How is this vs the btwin triban?
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How is this vs the btwin triban?

I'm no expert but the new triban 3 hasn't a carbon fork and has inferior shifters and derailleurs. (But still a well regarded bike and I think they still have the older model in smaller frame sizes).
Its hard to beat the boardmans for price and quality - def worth the extra £120…ort…_-1?cm_mmc=Google+PLA-_-Bikes-_-Road+Bikes-_-593295&istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istItemId=xqrxilliq&istBid=tzpl&_$$ja=cgid:8475777004|tsid:35522|cid:166296844|lid:54824223987|nw:g|crid:44739949204|rnd:6952269518465709756|dvc:c|adp:1o1|bku:1&gclid=CjgKEAjwtZucBRD77aiiq_v4xnASJABkAg8JPZ3wjfBxXwTBsHEH0Yfxr1djPNV8IQdUEeq597MmUPD_BwE

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I do like the Boardman range, but sadly can't afford one with similar spec to the Razor.
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