Unfortunately, this deal has expired 11 July 2023.
Posted 9 July 2023

Vitus Sentier 29 VR Mountain Bike - Bomber Z2 fork 1x11 - £639.98 delivered @ Chain Reaction Cycles

£639.98£1,249.9949% off
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Fantastic spec, the fork is only a couple of hundred less than the whole cost of the bike!

Available in M, L & XL.

Reduced from £1,249.99 to £619.99 plus £19.99 postage.


This MTB is armed with 130mm-travel Marzocchi Bomber Z2 suspension forks and a Shimano Deore 1x11-Speed groupset that includes an 11-51 Tooth wide-range cassette and hydraulic disc brakes. It also rolls upon Tubeless Ready WTB i30 TCS 2.0 rims wrapped in fast-rolling and high-grip Schwalbe Magic Mary and Hans Dampf tyres.
Chain Reaction Cycles More details at
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  1. ScottWillis's avatar
    Absolute bargain 💯🔥🔥🔥
    nicholas_collinson's avatar
    Dave is just doing his thing, all 1600+ of his comments on HUKD are just bashing the quality of whatever item he's commenting on, check his profile out.
  2. muise's avatar
    I'm 180cm. Should I get medium or large?
    markgriff3's avatar
    I’d go medium, your still in scope (albeit) top end and the bike will be that little bit lighter as well as handling better.
    Large frame = less agile.
    Smaller frame = more agile.

    As MTB riding is generally that bit more tricky requiring agility, I’d go medium myself. A frame too big and you could find it a little bit cumbersome mate. I’ve had this dilemma a lot with road bikes and gravel bike (I’m 6-1”) as I’m often just at the top of one scale and the bottom of another!… you can adjust the the seat height easy enough and you can always swap a front stem (arm reach) for £30 on a bike at that price point. For me I’d always go top of the sizing scale rather than bottom of a bigger bike.
  3. Megiddo's avatar
    I'm looking for a first MTB bike for myself that is suitable for mixed city and forest riding. My budget is about £500-600, but I have zero idea what to look at when buying a bike. This deal looks good, but I wanted to get some advice on which would be a better choice. This deal or maybe 
    Cube Aim EX Hardtail Bike 2022 chainreactioncycles.com/p/c…22, 
    Kona Fire Mountain Hardtail Bike 2022 chainreactioncycles.com/p/k…22, Giant Talon 2 tredz.co.uk/.Gi…cB. Maybe something else you recommend at this price?
    muise's avatar
  4. realitybites's avatar
    Would this be a good bike to electrify with a bafang type motor?
    stuartc74's avatar
    No, it's a hardtail designed for non electric cycling
  5. AAddict's avatar
    If you're going to actually mountain bike I would always go down size if I was between sizes.
  6. GrabbyFeet's avatar
    That Z2 is a nice fork. You can change the travel with a fox air spring if that's your thing. I have one on a Nukeproof at 140mm stock.
    Minstadave's avatar
    Great value fork at this price.
  7. s20544's avatar
    I’ve got £600 of cycle-to-work credit. It’s a pity that Chain-reaction don’t seem to take cycle-to-work voucher.

    I'm looking for a super lightweight 27 or 29er. Happy to go without any suspension to keep the weight down but I want a more upright MTB style frame rather than hybrid frame. (Hybrid seems to put me in a horizontal riding position). Does such a thing exist?
    XPL1C1T's avatar
    Sounds like your reach is too long on the hybrid bike. So when in the seat, the handlebars are pulling you forward.
  8. slicewise's avatar
    50645443-2bJWX.jpg50645443-t5mvD.jpgHere's mine. Large frame. Put the silver Nukeproof pedals on from the other deal and kinda dig the look.

    Got a few of the alternative parts: Clarks m4 brakes, RaceFace cranks, Nukeproof BB and a Vitus saddle. Not really too fussed, though I wouldn't mind seeing what the Nukeproof saddle is like.
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Beauty!!! Love the colour scheme! Wicked bike
  9. Erooz's avatar
    I've been watching this since the standard one that was posted went up in price. Couldn't decide if I wanted to pay so much for a bike, but I've finally bit the bullet to replace my 30 yr old bike
    Feeling a bit sick at the moment tho
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    You will love it after a few rides, enjoy! And post a picture too!!
  10. gberzanskas's avatar
    Superb deal. I bought it in 2021 at full price. Great bike. At this price it’s a steal!
  11. stuartc74's avatar
    Marzocchi Bomber Z2 130mm forks and a seat dropper too. Seems a good deal to me. Might get one myself. 13.3kg is a good weight for a 29er. (edited)
  12. AlpineTrails's avatar
    damn this is a good deal. wish this was around when I bought my bike
  13. royaltee's avatar
    That's a lot of kit for the money
  14. dealsdealsdeal's avatar
    Was tempted at the vrx for 999 but may bite at this - very good price
    stuartc74's avatar
    So was I but I managed to control myself and get the cheaper vr.
  15. Megiddo's avatar
    I’m still waiting for delivery but once I get it I’ll check and let you know
    Megiddo's avatar
    I have my bike and this is how looks after taking from box50585123-ZhXQi.jpg
  16. Minstadave's avatar
    That is a great price with that spec.
  17. sifer69's avatar
    Sizzling! 🔥🔥🔥
  18. stuartc74's avatar
    Bought in XL. I'm 5'11 but have 34" legs which is what counts. Thanks poster.
  19. gio6500's avatar
    Is this the 2021 model? Tempted as I missed out on the non-VR version.
  20. Punylegs's avatar
  21. Erooz's avatar
    This or orbea onna 50 for £300 via cycle to work scheme ?
    FluffyMatt's avatar
    This bike has a much better front fork and drive train than the Orbea
  22. Erooz's avatar
    Ordered at 10pm last night, it's been
    dispatched and due for delivery tomorrow or Thursday by Parcel Force 👏👏

    Cheers OP
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Yes mate!!!! Picture when it arrives please!!
  23. dealsdealsdeal's avatar
  24. UKScottDeals's avatar
    I want to buy this but my wife pointed out that I have 3 bikes in the garage already. She also pointed out it would be cheaper just to buy the components I need (need a new rear wheel for one of them as the axle is grinding/wobbly). She's right, but a stonking deal with well-rounded components... (edited)
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    But what does your heart say?
  25. pavtani's avatar
    Does chain reaction do finance other that PayPal? Can't find anything on their website, does anyone know?
    Wanio_123's avatar
    Unfortunately not
  26. N1ck_B's avatar
    Now £749.99
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Thanks I have expired it
  27. This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Anyone who has ordered one able to help ? The seat post doesn't seem to be going down.

    Usually in my experience it could be bottle screws getting in the way or the seat post being too long.

    Erooz's avatar
    Mine's coming tomorrow.
  28. Erooz's avatar
    How do you know it's a medium frame ? It's massive.

    gdl's avatar
    There is normally a size on the seat tube near the cranks on most bikes
  29. Robonabike's avatar
    Hi all, just had a 27 VR delivered which came with Race Face cranks. Out of curiousity, did the 29ers come with Deore?
    greaterthan25characters's avatar
    Mine did
  30. Jonno329's avatar
    Thanks for posting this deal! I placed an order for the Sentier 27 VR, I've been looking at deals for about a year and I couldn't say no at this price. The spec/price actually looks better than the Whyte 805 deal I missed out on.
  31. Erooz's avatar
    Just wondering, is it possible to fit a bigger front chain ring ?
    If so can you do it without taking the crank off ?
  32. Erooz's avatar
    One more question, what are these for ?

    ScottWillis's avatar
    To stop the cables rubbing paint off the frame. Twist the bars and put them where the cables contact the frame.
  33. Erooz's avatar
    I've had to cut my handlebar down to 700, was way too uncomfortable as standard.
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Did you give it a good go? Took me a few rides when I first used wider bars but love them now on mtbs
  34. Erooz's avatar
    I've gone to change the chain ring on mine but 1 of the bolts is cross threaded and ive rounded off the hex , not sure what to do now.
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