Viva Pinata 2: Trouble in Paradise (Xbox 360) - £10.00 Delivered @ John Lewis

Viva Pinata 2: Trouble in Paradise (Xbox 360) - £10.00 Delivered @ John Lewis

Found 22nd Jan 2009Made hot 22nd Jan 2009
Excellent bargain at this price!


Very good find and very cheap..... dont think its been out that long.

Rare game so good publisher...... no idea on reviews though...... who cares its cheap

Rep, heat added.

Good game - excellent reviews too!


Haven't finished the 1st one but ordered at that price, HOT!!

Thanks, good price.

Going fast, gone from 89 to 34 instock in 10 mins, get one if you want one. Top find Whizzkid!

Picked this up for £5 in Sainsburys 3 weeks ago, then sold it on playtrade for £20!:thumbsup:

20 left

Wicked, Valentine's prezzie sorted!

Cheers. H&R added :thumbsup:

Decent reviews. Only played the first one on Demo and thought it was good.

£34.99 on Play.

Ordered... Cheers.

5 left

Good spot. Heat added.

Gone - that was quick!

I've never seen anything go that quick. If it wasn't for this site, I doubt they would have sold at all!!

out of stock now :-(

managed to get one for the missus. maybe a mistake after the amount of time she spent on the first one. I had to fight to get my xbox back (not too bad now she has here own 360) beware if you are buying for a partner. heat left as great deal



got one second time lucky heh.

they still have stock as I was just about to post this deal more than 10 in stock and they processed my order as Sainsburys never has stock of anything posted on here

Received today!!! Ordered Thurs! Faster than Play!!!
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