Viva Pinata: Limited Edition For Xbox 360 - £3 Delivered @ HMV
Viva Pinata: Limited Edition For Xbox 360 - £3 Delivered @ HMV

Viva Pinata: Limited Edition For Xbox 360 - £3 Delivered @ HMV

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Cant go wrong for a few quid. Gets good reviews. Also have the standard edition for the same price.

Viva Piñata' Limited Edition: Contains Bonus DVD featuring…
# 'Viva Piñata' animated TV series preview
# Lego Star Wars 2 Demo
# Frogger Demo
…and more!

Unique to Xbox 360, 'Viva Piñata' is a creative and colourful title set on the beautiful Piñata Island. You'll start of with a patch of baron land that you'll nurture, getting rid of any junk or bad soil before you can start planting the seeds of your Garden. Then the fun begins…

Soon you'll start attracting a whole host of weird and wonderful creatures known as Piñatas. In time, if you provide them with their plant and food requirements, they'll want to become residents of your Garden, allowing you expand your effervescent environment even more! By providing homes for your Piñata, and meeting their 'romance requirements', Piñatas can fall in love, perform a 'romance dance' and make baby Piñata! These eventually grow to adults who can do a 'romance dance' with other Piñata, and so the Circle of Life continues!

The genius of 'Viva Piñata' lies in its requirement to maintain a balanced ecosystem in order to continue growing your virtual community. Some Piñata will feed off the plants you grow in your Garden, whilst others prefer the taste of Piñata lower down the Food Chain! In time, you will obtain enough skills to attract over 40 fuzzy species to your Garden, but equilibrium is everything on Piñata Island – learning the harmonic balance of each species is essential if you want to create the most vibrant and exciting Gardens on the Island.

One of the most innocent titles on the Xbox 360, 'Viva Piñata' is a creative, colourful and addictive game. Younger gamers will get hooked on the beautiful visuals and addictive gameplay, whilst older players will find it a breath of fresh air from the excellent, but nonetheless brutal likes of Gears of War and Dead Rising. Original and refreshing, you've never seen anything like 'Viva Piñata' on Xbox 360!



Great game, the graphics are lush and as a sim management game it is not just for kids!

Great find OP

good find, have this on pc

when you add it to the basket its coming up as £37.99

You often see this around the £4/5 mark. It's a great game for kids. It's one my children come back to and we've had it for years.

is it just me that can't add it at the sale price? I really want this for my kids, Struggling to find many Xbox games for kids that don't include just running around killing everyone or racing or football games!
My girls love the lego games, but at 3,5 & 7 this would be fab


when you add it to the basket its coming up as £37.99

Same thing here.

people must be voting hot without trying to buy it then Shame as this would of been great price, its £14.99 on amazon

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Seemed to work ok for me - managed to buy one at this price. Hopefully it wasn't the last one!

As for games that are good for children, might be worth looking at downloading XBox live arcade games. More variety and cheaper games are available which is good for kids with low attention spans. It's also a great idea to download lots of free demos for the kids (making sure the games are suitable). Often their attention runs out before the demo does and there are hundreds to choose from.

One of many guides to xbox live setting up

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nope definatly got mine for £3, bought about 5 mins ago, must have recitifed it

shows as £37.99 adding to basket. Great deal for who ever got it at this price. Hope they honor it for you.

voted cold coming up at £37.99

price error its hmv, please learn, all cheap prices at hmv are errors, any orders will be cancelled

Hey HMV, having fun trying to stay afloat?

I just bought it for £3. Well, £2.70 with student discount. Cheers!!

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Just got a confirmation of dispatch email. Hopefully will arrive ok. Good luck everyone!

HMV at their work again no doubt. Any wonder they're going down the tubes. And word has it the Waterstones brand is being sold to a consortium of Tim Waterstone and a Russian businessman and an announcement to this effect will be made within the next couple of weeks.

Item deleted - we are trying to obtain this item from alternate sources

bloody idiots. one of first to order and this is the 2nd time they have done this on a game!

Worked for me:

Dear LIAM,

Your order’s in the post and should be with you soon. If you’ve pre–ordered, we'll aim to get it to you on the day of release (UK deliveries only).

Qty Format Artist Title Price Estimated Delivery

Your order number:

The address we posted to:

If you still want a VP game, the second one Viva Pinata Party Animals is £5 at Play.com.
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