Viva Pinata Party Animals Xbox 360 £23.09 delivered @ play-asia
Viva Pinata Party Animals Xbox 360 £23.09 delivered @ play-asia

Viva Pinata Party Animals Xbox 360 £23.09 delivered @ play-asia

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Viva Pinata Party Animals for Xbox 360.£23.09 delivered from Play-Asia.Region free import.Great multiplayer fun,My daughter and her friend have played the demo to death.Not out in the UK until the 30/11/07 !.Get one one now if want one before Microsoft stop Play-Asia shipping in to europe !(As the did with Halo 3 & PGR 4).Buying most of my games from Play-Asia these days.Never been nailed for VAT or duty,Take Paypal too !.


... be warned though - the online reviews Ive seen for this so far have rated it as very poor :thinking:

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Its not very poor mate.Its actually really good fun.Can't compare it to true next gen stuff like PGR 4 & Call Of Duty 4 its not that sort of game.Its a fun party multiplayer game,Bit like the type of game you may find on Xbox live (Gameplay is similar to stuff like Bomberman Live).As I said before my daughter and her friend haven't been off the demo.Its way way way better than Fuzion Frenzy 2 which tried and failed to do the same kind of thing.Can play up to 4 players at once offline or online.I'm going to pick up a couple of extra controllers for some fun over christmas with friends & family.Its not just me this game got 8/10 review on teamxbox:


Yep m8 - thats about the only positive review for it on Ive seen. For a more overall picture look at : metacritic.com/gam…als ... Im sure as the reviews say, if you have little kids then its fun for them (although i wont be tempted into getting it for my 3 :roll: ) ... Im just warning those like me that liked Viva Pinata, that this is in a different league :whistling: . I aint comparing it to 'next gen' stuff, but using Fuzion Frenzy as the minigame benchmark is hardly aiming high is it ? LOL . Im sure Rayman Raving Rabbids and ThrillVille are better alternatives, as are most Wii 'party' games.

Gawd give the guy a break! The only family games, like this on the 360 this holiday (as far as I know) are this and Scene It. That's it!

Fuzion Frenzy is pretty cool for a tenner (Can pick it up cheap as it's a fairly old game now)

Also Raving Rabbids 2 has been delayed until next year as far as I know.

Voted Hot, might pick this up myself! Although I already have 6 games on my Christmas list :-D I wish I didn't have to work :-(
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