Viva Pinata : Trouble in Paradise on 360 £7.95 @ Zavvi

Viva Pinata : Trouble in Paradise on 360 £7.95 @ Zavvi

Found 23rd Jul 2009Made hot 23rd Jul 2009
Almost £4 cheaper than the next nearest.



Thanks bookdiver

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So tempting.....many late nights with the first VP game.....argh!!!!

Fantastic game this! Spent over 100 hours on it. Completely addictive.

Great price, hot from me!

Double post, sorry!

Yeah really good game. It is much more than a kids game, and is really fun. You get very protective over the little terrors!

Great game, great price, HOT!

good deal. I bought in Toys R Us just a week ago for a tenner

Great price. Was just about to buy but now showing out of stock.


I believe this is the same price in Head Entertainment - possibly even £7.94 as they work in 4's for some reason.

Call first though - not 100% sure on it.

If you've played the first one to death (which only about 12 people did, me being one) I actually find it very difficult to recommend it. You will spend tens of hours doing exactly what you've done before in the original game.

Rather than being VP2 it's far more VP1.2 and with a few bugs (game bugs rather than Tafflys and Redhotts).

The worst offender being that when you attempt to send pinatas out of your garden via the mail system (to yourself or other people) there's a few species that just won't send and the game decides to crash on you (and I don't mean Dragoneches and Chocdocolus' being the un-sendable ones). But to reiterate, it's only a few this happens to out of a huge number of species.

That being said, if you aren't one of the other 11 people who bought and caned the first game, then you should go buy this one. Now.

Rare do seem to be the masters this generation of making kids games for adults.
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