Viva Premium Lemonade at ALDI - 2Litre Bottle 39P

Viva Premium Lemonade at ALDI - 2Litre Bottle 39P

Found 31st Jan 2013
Bargain Lemonade Bottle at ALDI

Great Quality Drink

39p can't go wrong eh?
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no deal here, this is ther normal price
But still a bargain
it's bog standard unbranded lemonade, not exactly a deal.
Good stuff...I did a blind tasting of this against R Whites and I couldn't tell the differance
Great lemoande I go through about 5 bottles a week ;-)
Do you get it in diet ?? Good price heat added !
This is the standard price to be fair but taste wise on a par with the brand names and yes it's available in diet
This lemonade is great! It tastes better than branded versions! HOT
Yes you can also get it in diet
its the best tasting diet lemonade out there imho only problem is the bottle is slightly higher than the norm and deosnt fit in the cupboard stood up. they do a budget one as well 19p and its not bad either
This lemonade is better then the leading brands by far
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Can we get to 100 degrees hot?
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