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Buy 3 crap VR titles for £6.69  ...get £8 credit and 1 month Viveport Subscription back
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Buy the following games from Viveport Island Glider VR (£2.80) Stunt Kite Masters VR (£2) Galactic Gallery (£1.89) You can choose other titles from the link but this is the cheap… Read more
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I thought stunt kite wasn't too bad as a kite flying SIM on the beach. Therapeutic


Can be done even cheaper.. good spot! £1.39 Haute and Haunted £1.51 Berlin Wall Experience £1.20 Super Puzzle Galaxy Lite If you got Super Puzzle Light for free a couple of weeks ago, then go for the Unibomber Experience!!!! for £1.51


Only clicked through to comment on the title lol xD


Savage title OP, love it! XD


Buying the cheapest, crappiest games seems kinda pointless though? Sure you get an extra quids worth of credit but you'll obviously get more value by spending a couple of extra quid and getting good games you'll play (like racket fury) rather than three games you won't.

Heads up for 4 Free HTC Vive Games for Vive Day from 4th - 8th April
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Looks like Front Defence, Front Defence Online, Arcade Saga and Super Puzzle Galaxy Also if you are a Viveport Subscriber get Everest for Free Not sure when this will be live as … Read more
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You don't need a Vive. You can just redeem the free games. Also you can take out a trial subscription, cancel subscription and redeem Everest too if you are thinking about getting VR but not just yet.


Are you for real? Until the other week the Vive was over twice the price of the Rift.


Lucky Vive users .. u get a lot ta love .. I'm jealous but I salute HTC for going toe 2 toe with Oculous !!!


It's going to be the 4th The image was obviously published early and then taken down


Do you need your device registered? Can you redeem this offer if you don't own a Vive yet?

HTC Vive + Fallout 4 + Tilt Brush + £50 steam voucher + 4 months Viveport subscription for £599
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
The Vive is currently available at most places discounted to £599. On the Vive website the Vive is now £599 with fallout 4, Tilt brush and a £50 steam voucher to spend on what you… Read more
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Damn, looks like this expired, what's the best way to get a HTC Vive now?


Cracking deal. Hot. I paid full wack £700/800 can’t recall now about a year ago. Don’t regret it. Fantastic device. Only downside is obviously the cost of the Vive isn’t cheap and then having a rig capable of powering the high end games also isn’t cheap.


There is a site wide offer that means if you spend over £29.99 they will send you a code for an additional 3 months of Viveport in January. It is in the description.


You might want to change your title. You put 4 months not one.

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HTC Vive with Star Trek: Bridge Crew and a £50 Steam gift card £709 @ (Valve/HTC direct)
Found 30th Jun 2017Found 30th Jun 2017
Looking at some reasonable priced Vive's at the minute, been looking on eBay, but pretty tempted by this. This is the direct link through the Steam sale, and is the direct supplier… Read more

I'm not sure what tilt brush is either. I will have to Google it. But from what you said I'm thinking it resembles Lego : it's software which lets you build interesting things from scratch with modular parts which snap together?


Whoops, apologies! Blocks is a 3D object builder - so you build whatever you like. Think Tilt Brush (by google also) but with modular pieces that actually piece together to make an end product.


Thank you for that, but : Sorry, I should have been more clear. I know what the Vive does! I have a rift. I meant what does Google's tool do, the one he said we should get called Blocks? Ironically I could probably use Google's own search function to find out but I prefer to speak with humans


Not tried Audioshield but I have Soundboxing - brilliant


Lots of stuff. You play games with the headset attached to your face (which is more comfy than it sounds) and you really feel as though you are there. You look left, and the world looks left. Same for the right. Full 360 degree tracking. You interact with the worlds, scenes, games etc. It's so immersive!

HTC Vive AND Vive ready computer bundle, now just £1250!
Found 16th Apr 2017Found 16th Apr 2017
The HTC Vive computer bundle was around £1500, but just checked today and it's now just £1250! A great time to buy one! The computer spec looks OK to, and when you consider £750 … Read more

The pc spec is very average possibly worse than average after spending that much on the headset you would cheap out on the pc. Doesn't make any sense


​Thanks but that was my point I was hoping for far better graphics for the significantly higher cost. Agree these headsets are so immersion you overlook it but the cost is oO


I'd suggest you get down to one of the PC World/Curry's that are offering free Vive demos and have a try before you buy, since it's a significant expense. When I tried Vive and Oculus Touch, I found the Vive better in all ways (particularly room scale) except for comfort. That said, neither is brilliant for detailed graphics, so it tends to work better with games that stick with less realistic styles.


I tried the Oculus version in JL yesterday was pretty good (especially thw demo included a climbing app) but to be honest I was very disappointed with the graphics as it was no better than what I recall my Samsung VR was, is this any better. Also the cable is Irrating but then not advisable to stand or walk.

Arcade Saga - Free on Viveport
Found 5th Apr 2017Found 5th Apr 2017
Arcade Saga allows you to take the role of a newly sentient being and battle for survival against A.I. Overlords determined to destroy you and your free-thinking. Through 3 differe… Read more

As far as I am aware it is a similar program to EA Access, you get access to a certain amount of games. Though, I do believe it says somewhere on HTCs site that you can either keep the 5 games thrrough the months but you can always switch. So yeah, I believe you are correct on that.


Thanks, had been avoiding viveport. Do you know how the subscriptions works? Do you only keep the games while they are in your monthly subscription package. So having them in a package one month and then not the next will mean you lose access to them?


Vive is currently £100 off, so is a good a time as any to buy it. If you can't afford it, it`ll probably be on sale again come Black Friday.


The game is avaliable on both Steam and Viveport, however it is currently only free on Viveport. Viveport still uses Steam VR to run games, so it may appeear as a steam game when played, I'm not sure.


Thanks OP I've managed to create an account and add it to my library. Just the small matter of needing a headset!

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*edit* Deals now LIVE Black Friday sale on @Viveport (HTC VIVE) 50% off With Money Back
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Happy Thanksgiving! To kick off the holiday celebrations, we’re pleased to announce Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for HTC Vive™. Whether you’re looking to pick up a Vive or… Read more
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Please do - especially hardware... I've just missed the sales and the post brexit price is oO


Message to brain never post HTC vive deals again :D


The $5 bundle seems a good bundle. Soundstage, Arcade Artist, and Lumen. £4

Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016 Details above, confirmed discount in the UK - £100 off so lowest it's ever been (£759 PREVIOUS) Regardless of your opinions on h… Read more

Lots of great suggestions there, I wasn't fussed about VR then had a shot of one and bought a Vive shortly after. I haven't regretted it for a moment and I love that it just keeps getting better, Raw Data is a lot of fun as a first person VR shooter and the recently released Google Earth VR client is amazing. John


Just re-bought one from scan seeing as i've always used them and had no trouble with them. Also good reports on trustpilot. I also bought an 1070 for 430 euros (around £360-70) on this deal; the normal version has gone back up to 480 euros but the OD is still 430.


At 4:58 in that video you can see the fresnel issue I'm on about.


This is a useful video; you can see the fresnel lenses circles quite often on the Vive although the Rift’s lenses uses much finer fresnel lenses so you don't notice them although god rays and text are blurred. I prefer the vive although I don't think I'd be moving around much so the Rift makes more sense to buy although the Vive supports man Rifts games so yeah.. .lol.


I ordered from Currys last night but cancelled due to trustpilots reviews on currys (some folks in another deal on here made me aware they have poor service). And now i'm not sure if I have enough space (You need 1.5m by 2m where as I have 1.5m by 1.5m) and i've read up on the screen door effect which sounds as if it blurs the resolution to where you might as well just have 720p? Not sure whether to wait for the next gen now? Thanks.

Massive Discounts on HTC Vive Games On The Newly Released Viveport Store (48 hours)
Found 30th Sep 2016Found 30th Sep 2016
Not for a lot of people this deal but a good heads up to people who own one. You will need to add 20% VAT to these prices here are the standout..... theBlu - was £6.99 now £0.77 … Read more
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Yes mine did it but it went through after about 3 minutes. Probably teething problems.


Anyone else having trouble buying the games? It just hangs at 'processing' for me and left it a while but no change. John


Firebird was 6.99 now £77? 8)


I will warn that firebird loads up in Japanese but you can somehow change to English. It's a good looking experience and well worth 93p


Not keen on buying outside steam but those are silly prices, been waiting for a deal on theblu which I missed last time so this will do nicely.