Vivienne Westwood womens orb watch £109 @ Amazon

Vivienne Westwood womens orb watch £109 @ Amazon

Posted 26th Nov 2017
just clocked this for a nice stocking filler, had a google and all over £170-180 so decent little deal. also posted a mens watch if you check other deals
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Have no idea why people are down voting this. £230 in most places. The cost price to a retailer is £89.

It’s a steal!!
Protest against Viv??
It always happens when a poster puts multiple deals up in a row. A lot of folk just aren't after a watch and they see it as just annoying at having to look at them for 1 second. They just hit the cold vote out of ignorance and not researching to see if it's a real bargain, rather than not voting.
Gone up now,hot mine thanks
Thanks op good find. Heat.
Crazy people ruining it for the rest, oh well
Still the same price.

You have to scroll down and select amazon as the seller!
Doesnt seem to list amazon as a seller now?
Was double the price last christmas
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