Vivitar 20GB Portable Media Player (DMD-P20) £89.99 inc. vat

Vivitar 20GB Portable Media Player (DMD-P20) £89.99 inc. vat

Found 10th Dec 2006
This product is an ex demo model in perfect working order and in near perfect condition. Please note that the item may not come in its original packaging. Comes complete with 3 Month Warranty.

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The Vivitar DMD-P20 is a giant of a portable media player in all but its physical size. Behind the player's sleek black minimalist exterior body and impressive high resolution 3.5 inch TFT LCD display the Vivitar DMD overflows with features.

As well as movie playback with support for all of the major formats (MPEG4 MPEG1 DivX AVI) the unit contains a built in AV-in socket allowing direct recording from an external video source such as a TV or VCR straight into MPEG4 format. This freedom from using your PC to encode DVDs and movies makes the DMD-P20 the ideal portable media player for the novice and a great option for recording direct from devices such as camcorders.

The player also features an AV-out socket to allow you to attach the DMD-P20 to a TV or video screen to view videos, movies and photo files. The included sleek semi transparent docking station makes the charging and transferring of music/video/data files quick and easy - the stylish docking station won't look out of place in your living room or next to your PC.

Video Player
Currently, Vivitar DMD-P20 supports the following video formats:
* M-JPEG * MPEG-1 * MPEG-4 * WMV9 * AVI * XviD

When there is the Vivitar DMD-P20, having a movie theater on-the-go is not just a dream. Just put your favorite movies into the hard drive and bring entertainment with you!

Video Recorder
The Vivitar DMD-P20 has built-in recording functions:
* Can support TV with AV-OUT jack with supported formats of NTSC/PAL

While other people are using the traditional big and heavy video recorders at home, Vivitar DMD-P20 can provide better functions. Built as a small size and portable device, it is convenient for users to record anything, anytime and anywhere on the go.

Music Jukebox
Vivitar DMD-P20 supports most popular music formats:
* MP3 * AAC * WMA * WAV * CDA * OGG

Now, Vivitar DMD-P20 lets you access your music library anywhere. Besides, the new Playlist will help you arrange favorite songs in order. Standard features like EQ, repeat and shuffle are available to satisfy all your listening needs.

Audio Recording
Vivitar DMD-P20's built-in recording functions have the following features:
* Audio/Voice recording up to 48 hours
* Choose sample rates between 16/24/32KHz

Vivitar DMD-P20's built-in recording functions uses the latest compressing technology which records audio files into MPEG ACC format. With this format, users can save more capacity of HDD storage with the best recording qualities. This device is convenient for users to record lectures in seminars, classrooms, etc.

Photo Viewer
Add more colors to your life! Put more than 10,000 photos in your pocket with Vivitar DMD-P20.
* JPEG (Baseline) * Camera RAW * BMP * TIFF * GIF

Instead of storing and viewing photos on PC, you could simply replace the task with Vivitar DMD-P20. Share your photos with others by connecting Vivitar DMD-P20 to TV and activating slide show with background music. Everyone will enjoy it!
Display Video Screen of Vivitar DMD-P20
Display Video Screen of Vivitar DMD-P20

FM Radio
Vivitar DMD-P20 can be used as a FM tuner:
* Automatically search from different channels
* Preset channels in two groups with 12 channels total
* To record live broadcast off FM radio

When using FM radio, using the automatic scan for available channels or being able to preset up to 12 channels can save you lots of time and preventing the trouble of looking channel through channel. Users may also record favorite shows or music off the radio anytime.

Vivitar DMD-P20 brings you the classic and happy memories of your childhood:
* Tetris

Do you still miss the classic video games after growing up all these years (Tetris, Humming Bee, War of the tanks etc)? From now on, Vivitar DMD-P20 will let users update these classics from time to time, to refresh your childhood memory.
Display Video Screen of Vivitar DMD-P20
Display Video Screen of Vivitar DMD-P20

Data Bank
Vivitar DMD-P20 comes with a built-in 20GB hard disk. It has the following capabilities:
* Listen to more than 5,000 songs
* Store approximately 10,000 Photos
* Put 15 movies in your pocket
* Serve as a hard disk enclosure

Have you ever worried about carrying huge data with a heavy laptop? As your best companion, Vivitar DMD-P20 has a built-in 20GB hard disk storing all your files on-the-go.

Memory Card
The unbeatable all-in-one card reader feature has always been Vivitar DMD-P20's trademark
* CF/MD * SD/MMC * MS/MS-Pro

There are various types of memory cards on the market. Backing up data has always been a hassle, having to use a card reader on PC. Now, Vivitar DMD-P20 brings convenience to you by supporting all memory cards available.

Playback time: Approx. 16 Hours Audio and 4 Hours Video
Box contents include software, remote control, cables, dock and case.
Dimension: 115 x 74 x 23 mm (Player body)
97.8 x 69 x 28.5 mm (Cradle)
Built in Lithium ion battery

This product is an ex demo model in perfect working order and in near perfect condition. Please note that the item may not come in its original packaging. Comes complete with 3 Month Warranty
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