Vivitar Telescope, Microscope and Binoculars set only £19.99 @ home bargains

Vivitar Telescope, Microscope and Binoculars set only £19.99 @ home bargains

Posted 20th Nov 2015
Saw these today and thought would be a good little christmas gift for a space/science fan. There are online aswell but then you have to pay postage…spx
These sets are £40 on amazon


Vivatar Telescope, Microscope & Binoculars Set
Interchangeable 60x and 120x eyepiece lenses
3x Finder Scope to locate objects
Lightweight durable construction
Full-sized adjustable tripod
Ensemble microscope
Collection vials, slides, covers and tweezers
Built-in light
Binoculars with 4x magnification
Diopter adjustment for precision
For ages 6+

They also had singular telscopes for £5.99
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Nice idea for someone as a start point, to get into science, but don't make the mistake of buying them for someone who is already into astronomy etc. The equipment at this price point will only disappoint.

Heat for a good price, and to get kids into Science. A set like this may lead a curious mind into a life path that could eventually create a cure for cancer.
I have one of these (telescope), useless (not even as a toy), just can't get courage to bin it even though I paid only £10.
Edited by: "magrawal" 20th Nov 2015
Cheap telescopes sold by department stores and supermarkets are nearly always poor and almost useless for astronmy. One rule of thumb with telescopses is, if they emphasis magnifacation on the box/adverts as the main selling feature, it will be bad.

Deals have been posted on here recently for the skywatcher herritage 76mm and Celestron Travel Scope 70, both for under 50 quid. They have their flaws, but are much more useful and excellent value from what I've heard. Or get some decent binoculars. Alway check reviews when buying any sort of telescope/binoculars so you dont buy a lemon.

anyone suggest a decent telescope for a 10 year old - up to £100?
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