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Vivo X20 smartphone, 6.01" screen, snapdragon 660, 4gb/64gb - £135 - Sold and Despatched by HDEW Extra via Amazon
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Vivo X20 smartphone, 6.01" screen, snapdragon 660, 4gb/64gb - £135 - Sold and Despatched by HDEW Extra via Amazon

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Posted 20th Apr
Seems a decent amoled smartphone. With the trade-offs of no band 20, nfc, ois and age. Still relevant I should think.

Just to be clear, the Amazon description doesn't actually mention it's amoled. That's what I've researched on sites like gsmarena.com and vivo.com.cn . It's Amazon video review does actually mention amoled screen, bundled earphones and a UK style power adaptor.

I also wouldn't know how usable is their Android flavour and how frequently they release OTA updates.
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jaydeeuk122 h, 35 m ago

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According to the Wikipedia they're actually the same company (BBK Electronics) who make OnePlus so should be fairly serious. This particular brand seems to be more tailored for the China market though.
There is some tat out there but most of the tat phones ive had from Gearbest , Banggood etc have been excellent. If this comes from the same company as OnePlus its likely to be excellent.

If you look on Gearbest theres loads of mobiles many of which are rubbish but there are also premium phones in there that will give those crappy iphones a run for their money and at a fraction of the cost.

Review here awaqa.com/viv…18/
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Vivo is the biggest phone brand in China, second is OPPO, both are same company, BBK electronics.

But very much aimed at China and usually overpriced over here.

They had a small niche in the West with audiophiles as they had the best DACs in their phones but that no longer seems to be the case and LG phones are the ones recommended to audiophiles.

EDIT: I see this phone came out in 2017 so it may well have a good DAC.

EDIT 2: Has Asahi Kasei AK4376A which is a decent DAC, seems a decent deal with a 6" Amoled screen as well. Downside may be the camera, can't find any info on it.
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Not a sure thing, but going by the video, with just WiFi and Bluetooth on, the phone lasts roughly 15 hours of usage (11% drop in 107 minutes) In real life it should probably last a day.
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FuntouchOS is a big no from me. Blatant IOS Clone designed for the chinese Market

Vivo is owned by BBK and a sister company to OPPO who owns Oneplus.

Vivo is 6th in global market share and in China come 3rd/2nd last time i saw

Would rather get a Note 7 64gb for like £20/£25 more with much better software and ROM community, better camera, battery, and USB-C
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