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Posted 27 September 2022

Exclusive VIVOBAREFOOT Mens Tracker II FG Boots (Obsidian) Now £99.98 Delivered Extra 10% off For New customers with code £85.49 @ Sportpursuit

£85.49£15043% off
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VIVOBAREFOOT Mens Tracker II FG Boots (Obsidian) Now £99.98 Delivered
Extra 10% off For Now customers with code as it's only available for new members 14 days after sign up

We worked with Sport Pursuit to provide you this code and all the info about this voucher code are HERE

VIVOBAREFOOT Mens Tracker II FG Boots (Obsidian)
Description :Being tough doesn’t mean you can’t feel. Hard-wearing, lightweight and waterproof, the Tracker II FG lets you tackle any terrain while reconnecting you to nature. This is the natural alternative to normal hiking boots with heaps of flexibility and ground feel. This Vivo fits small, so we suggest moving one size up. If you use StrutFit to get a recommended size, it will automatically factor this in. No need to size up twice.

This Vivo fits small, so we suggest moving one size up. If you use StrutFit to get a recommended size, it will automatically factor this in. No need to size up twice.


  • Foot shaped (not shoe shaped), to let your feet do their natural thing.
  • WIDE to allow for natural stability
  • THIN to enable you to feel more
  • FLEXIBLE to enable natural movement
  • (Re)new and improved- remade with more sustainable materials that have reduced the impact this footwear has on the planet.
  • Removable thermal insole so you can explore across all seasons.
  • Recycled waterproof plastic lining and recycled membrane.

Technical Features:

  • Made using waterproof technology or water resistant treatment uppers with hi-tech seal.
  • The Firm Ground Sole offers multi terrain traction and a sticky rubber compound for all round grip and durability. 2.5mm base and 4mm lug height designed to maximise ground feel and grip on everything from wet and dry, rocky and firm terrain. The textured arch provides zonal grip for technical trail movement.
  • Made from naturally scarred leather from free-roaming cattle sourced from small scale farmers.
  • Made using hydrophobic treatments, non-absorbent materials, sealed seams and an inner breathable membrane to make it waterproof.
  • Made with feeling in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Made from renewable natural materials.
  • Made for feet, not landfill. These were designed to be remade and reworn. When you are finished with them please send to revivo.com.



Helpful Links & Info:

Sportpursuit FAQs* (https://help.sportpursuit.com/en?sp_nav=7_Support_FrequentlyAskedQuestions)
Sportpursuit Returns* (https://help.sportpursuit.com/en/articles/127-return-costs?sp_nav=7_Support_FrequentlyAskedQuestions)
Sportpursuit Delivery* ( (https://help.sportpursuit.com/en/articles/15-how-much-will-delivery-cost?sp_nav=7_Support_FrequentlyAskedQuestions))help.sportpursuit.com/en/…ons (https://help.sportpursuit.com/en/articles/15-how-much-will-delivery-cost?sp_nav=7_Support_FrequentlyAskedQuestions))
sportpursuit.com More details at sportpursuit.com
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Thanks to @bellboys , who adds this to their posts:

Please note:Sport Pursuit have excellent trustpilot reviews * but their particular sales model (flash sales often at less than the distributors sell to retailers for) requires you to register (FREE) before you can view any items/prices. It's essentially a private club. You can't see the prices simply by googling. You can of course elect to unsubscribe from any marketing emails after registering (which only requires an email address until you buy anything). It seems to work as they apparently have 7 million members worldwide. If this isn't for you, fine.

I have ordered from here myself, but not for 18 months now and have not had 1 email since. If you're still not happy, then absolutely fine, as it leaves more for the rest of us!
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  1. Avatar
    🔥 just ordered + stacked with 10% new sign-up bonus

    Thanks OP! (edited)
    how did you get the sign up bonus please?
  2. Avatar
    Won't let me browse without first signing up. I don't like that.
    Usually that would put me right off but it's a great deal. Just make sure you click no to all the newsletter sign up prompts. Also I just ignored the account activation email and it didn't stop me from ordering (edited)
  3. Avatar
    is this good for winter as well with snow?
    They're waterproof.

    If you've never worn Barefoot then it's probably smarter to order via Vivo direct, as they offer 100 day moneyback.
    Sometimes short lived 30% codes can appear online, though unfortunately these no longer stack with site reductions(I've previously ordered these for about ~£95 with stacking codes but didn't need or see a use for them at the time)
  4. Avatar
    Have a few pairs of Vivibarefoot shoes/trainers which I really like. All EU45, so I figured I'd take a gamble on these too, even though the blurb says they run slightly small. Fingers crossed.

  5. Avatar
    What sizes are available?
  6. Avatar
    What sizes are available please? Cant see without registering.
  7. Avatar
    I own these. I do like them, although I find I get a hard spot just forward of the inside ankle. But I just learned to lace them to make sure they feel right before setting off on hikes and then it's no bother. Certainly no more than rigid, clunky hiking boots!
    Personally, I'd like to slim down even more to something like their Magna FGs 'cause "ankle support" isn't something I actually like or enjoy. The height of these boots help with keeping water out.
    I'd recommend not wearing thick socks if using them in the summer, I find I can get a little sweaty in them if it's not cold. They do keep water out nicely though.
    I wear another pair of Vivos daily and I'm impressed with how long the tread has lasted given how thin the soles need to be.
    Do these come up small as the website states or should you go normal size?

    I wear 44 in campers - but not sure if to go up to a 45 as recomended
  8. Avatar
    I sgned up a couple of years ago and have never received a single email
    I got one a few hours later and unsubbed
  9. Avatar
    Can't even look without registering an email address
    Yeah that put me right off. Cant be arsed with that.
  10. Avatar
    Won't let me sign up - bad to force memebrship
  11. Avatar
    I had just ordered a pair of these at the weekend for the Mrs from vivo for £150. Sending those back and got hers and myself a pair for £170. Thanks mate!
    How's the sizing on these? Do they come small?
  12. Avatar
    Great price for an amazingly comfortable pair of boots!!
  13. Avatar
    Really good price for these - ordered. My last pair cost about £140 for a refurbed pair from Vivo themselves.
  14. Avatar
    Ordered. Thanks.
  15. Avatar
    Sportpursuit is a private sale where the discounts are only available to its members. By not signing up and becoming a member you keep stock levels high for existing members. Thanks 😜
  16. Avatar
    Annoyingly purchased these without the 10% code - but still a bargain compared to normal
  17. Avatar
    Nice, cheers OP, ordered. I got some Ra IIs from SP a few weeks ago and really like them, so happy to get the boots too. I went for the same size as I got in the Ras, hope that's a good call.... oh well, guess I'll find out. As the poster above me says, they have a good repair program which is really appealing from a sustainability/longevity standpoint.
  18. Avatar
    can't view the website without creating an account? Forget it.
  19. Avatar
    Shame they're only in smallish sizes, as that's a great price.
    Anonymous User
    11 is small?
  20. Avatar
    Nice deal, limited sizes sadly not mine
  21. Avatar
    Site opens in Spanish for me?
  22. Avatar
    How long do these stay waterproof for? I’m sick of buying “waterproof” boots only for them to start leaking a couple of months later.
  23. Avatar
    Super hot deal!!! Have been looking to get the trail boots for a while now, thanks OP (edited)
  24. Avatar
    Hot! Love me some vivo’s
  25. Avatar
    Don’t know if this is of any use to anyone, but a friend of mine just had his Vibo boots resoled by Vivo, he was very impressed with the service.
    Knowing that that is possible makes be more inclined to choose a brand.
  26. Avatar
    Had these but the upper was way too hard and dug into my foot. Sent back, returns policy is very good.
  27. Avatar
    How are these for fit? true to size or get a size up etc?
    Thank you
    Size up.
  28. Avatar
    Promo code is not working for me
    Worked for me when i changed browser and then it asked me to confirm registration through email address, so I’d suggest give that a go!
  29. Avatar
    code expired

    are these good for long term survivial?
    Your survival or the boots?
  30. Avatar
    Has anyone received their order?
    Mines arriving today.