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VivoBook 15 Laptop, Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 15.6" Full HD, Black £469.99 @ John Lewis & Partners

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Asus VivoBook 15 Laptop, Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 15.6" Full HD, Black

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This ASUS Vivobook laptop packs in everything you'll need for work or play. Take on creative projects, stream box sets, or enjoy the best of what the web has to off, either whilst you're on the move, or in the office. There's 16GB of RAM that'll help run even the most demanding software, and with a 15.6" Full HD display, catching up with the latest dramas and series will be a total dream. Plus, with 512GB of SSD storage, you can load up photos, videos and documents in no time.
Keep in contact
Thanks to the onboard camera, this device, once connected to Wi-Fi, will let you take part in video chats or virtual meetings, enabling the fun of the office to come to you.

The power of Intel Core i7
The Intel Core i7 processor in this laptop lets you flex your creative muscles. You won't have any problems running demanding software, and power-hungry programs like image manipulation and video editing will work like a dream.

Its 4-core, 8-thread design keeps everything running smoothly, and you'll also be able to enjoy a spot of casual gaming too.

What is RAM?
RAM (Random Access Memory) is different to the permanent storage provided by hard disk drives (HDD), solid-state drives (SSD) or memory cards in your equipment. RAM is used by your device to temporarily store data to carry out everyday operations. The more RAM your machine has, the faster you can expect it to open and run programs.

RAM packed
Featuring a massive 16GB of RAM, this computer is comfortable running lots of complex tasks at once, and you won't see any obvious lag or slowdown.

Super-fast loading with loads of storage
The 512GB Solid State Drive (SSD) gives you the capacity to store documents and media, while ensuring speedy and dependable access to your files and programs. Games will load up super-quick, and there's enough space for all your photos, videos, and music too.

Intel UHD Graphics
Intel’s UHD graphics processing unit (GPU) will enable you to enjoy a number of classic older games, along with some casual (web-based) gaming. You may be able to run more modern titles with reduced effects and frame rates.

Great entertainment
The Full HD display packs loads of detail into films, videos and games, with a built-in sound system that pumps out crisp and punchy audio.

Connecting your other devices
Connect to TVs or external displays with the HDMI output. Listen to music using a 3.5mm headphone jack. Connect to high-speed peripherals with the USB ports, and send data wirelessly between devices using Bluetooth.


Brand: ASUS
Country of origin: China
Dimensions: H2 x W36 x D23.5cm
Product code: 82711216
Weight: 1.8kg

Battery life: 37WHrs, 2S1P
Generation: 11th Generation
Graphics card type: Integrated
Graphics Card/GPU Details: Integrated - Intel UHD Graphics
Hard drive: 512GB
Includes intel optane: No additional memory
Memory (RAM): 16GB
Operating system: Windows 11
Operating system version: Windows 11 Home
Processor: Intel Core i7-1165G7
Processor speed: 2.8GHz to 4.7GHz
Processor type: Intel Core i7

Brightness: 250 nits
Display: Full HD, 250 nits, LED, 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Picture or video resolution: Full HD
Refresh rate range: Up to 75Hz
Screen finish: Matte
Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen size: 15.6"
Screen size (tablets and laptops): 15.6 Inch
Screen type: IPS
Wireless display: No wireless display

Computing features: Lightweight, Portable
Keyboard: Chiclet Keys
Location services: via Wi-Fi
Sensors & trackers: Microphone
Touch screen: Not Touch Screen Enabled
Voice recognition: No voice recognition

Audio details: Built in speakers

Ports and Connectivity
Bluetooth enabled: Yes - 4.1
CD/DVD/Blu-ray Drive: No optical drive
Connectivity type: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Ethernet port: No ethernet port
Memory card slots: No memory card slot
Ports: 2x USB 2.0 (Type A), 1x USB 3.2 (Type A), 1x USB-C, 1x HDMI 1.4, 1x 3.5mm Audio Jack
Wi-Fi/3G/4G: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Wireless networking: Wi-Fi 5

Camera (front-facing): VGA
Camera (rear-facing): No rear camera

Number of processor cores: 4
Number of processor threads: 8
Office pre-installed: No Microsoft 365 Included
Refresh rate: 60Hz

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John Lewis More details at John Lewis

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  1. Avatar
    Putting this here to save someone disappointment.

    On Asus website they call it "IPS-level", that's marketing speak for "actually a TN panel but shhhh".
    1080p doesn't give you a great deal of screen real estate.
    The brightness is poor at 250 nits.
    It's only 60 Hz
    45% NTSC colour means it's useless for professional work.

    Asides from that:
    1 RAM slot which is already populated so no dual channel which means significantly decreased iGPU performance
    Entry level chassis that will likely break exactly when the warranty ends.
    No Thunderbolt despite the CPU supporting it.
    No DisplayPort.
    HDMI 1.4 so can't output 4K 60 Hz (30 Hz max)
    The webcam is VGA(!) That's 640x480. What year is this, 2010?
    Bluetooth 4.2, not 5.
    WiFi 5, not 6
    No backlight on keyboard.

    Seems like a lot of money for not a lot of laptop.
    Can you also add to your list cannot charge by USB C. Not can charge on one side. Cannot charge at all. I thought that was a criminal offence in the EU now.

    Might have been just phones.

    I think people see i7 and 16GB RAM and vote hot.

    Just a note the screen here is extremely dim. If you have a decent phone which can get up to 1000 nits. Put the brightness at 0 then go up 2. That's how dim this screen would be.
    Difficult to use indoors on sunny days nevermind impossible outside.
  2. Avatar
    Looks good, but low NITS. Is it special otherwise?
    What's NITS?
  3. Avatar
    Seems good to me, Are any techies able to comment on the value of it?
    I can get this for £413.59 with a work discount. Seems a pretty good price to me.
    Onboard graphics, would this really be ok for creatives, or is the product page lying to me lol? (edited)
    I’m a software developer and bought this one from Argos earlier in the year. Performance is fast and the screen is amazing. The main downside is the battery life. It plays well with windows 10, 11 and Linux. 
  4. Avatar
    Presume games like Fortnite and Roblox will be ok to play on this
    Fornite will be just "OK" at 1080P low. 40-60FPS. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Best laptop deal so far by a long margin.
    If you're getting it for around £415 as some of you are saying from work then why are you hesitating?
    Indeed this will do everything you throw at it

    As far as those who are saying it won't do this it won't do that there's no evidence of that at all.

    If you are that clever why don't you tell us why it won't handle games and what other things it won't handle

    So I say go for it best buy you get today (edited)
    You reckon it'll handle video editing/ sound recording? Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, etc?
  6. Avatar
    Just after a bit of advice please, I'm a bit out of touch with this sort of tech.

    I was looking at getting this laptop for my daughters school work while at sixth form:

    Or should I spend the extra £100 and get this offer?

    Or does anyone else have any better options?

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer
    They're the same laptop, this just has a very slightly faster CPU and more RAM.
  7. Avatar
    Hi guys,
    the laptop is great and price too, if you don't care if it's 15.6 inch or 14 inch I would head to box.co.uk and get the ASUS VivoBook Pro 14 AMD Ryzen 5 8GB RAM 512GB SSD 14" OLED Laptop - the OLED screen is magnificent and it's £450 (edited)
  8. Avatar
    Had the silver version, never used and returned. As went for this as a bit more extra £ preferred the oled screen 600 nits brightness (opposed to 200 nits led screen) and 12th generation i5-12500h 8 core 16 thread processer, way faster than i7 11th gen 4 core 8 thread processor. Oled screen is absolutely visually brilliant especially with videos! Only thing with these asus laptops is sound output volume from internal speakers is disappointingly low.
    currys.co.uk/products/asus-vivobook-s-15-k3502za-15.6-laptop-intel-core-i5-512-gb-ssd-grey-10240522.html (edited)
    If you find a good deal in the same price range for a better spec then please share. The one you posted is much more expensive.
  9. Avatar
    11th gen i7 if anybody wondering
    Is that good or bad?
  10. Avatar
    Can this handle games at all?
  11. Avatar
    An "okay" deal, really. Last month had the Vivobook Pro OLED 5800H for ~£40 more, which stomps all over this but got nowhere near as hot. Hukd effect I guess (edited)
  12. Avatar
    What do you guys think of this laptop - disregarding price.

    I don't rate it all personally - an oversized plastic lump with meh specs. Sorry
  13. Avatar
    Thanks for posting.
  14. Avatar
    currys.co.uk/pro…tml?istCompanyId=bec25c7e-cbcd-460d-81d5-a25372d2e3d7&istFeedId=4d7eb93e-055f-499d-8ee5-1cdcc50d67d1&istItemId=rxxirrwwq&istBid=t&srcid=198&cmpid=ppc~gg~1011%20(Shopping%20Ads)%20Laptops%20-%20New%20Term%202022~1011%20(Shopping%20Ads)%20Laptops%20-%20New%20Term%202022%20ad%20group~Exact~71700000098675515~&mctag=gg_goog_7904&kwid=GOOGLE&device=m&ds_kids=92700073002948249&tgtid=1011%20(Shopping%20Ads)%20Laptops%20-%20New%20Term%202022&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo8W2jbng-wIVGu7tCh1DpQ_2EAQYAyABEgKorPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Good spec for the money. But wouldn't use it for anything intensive. Will be a fast media consuming device and fast. Photo editing with light room or photos hop, but that's about it. Defo not up for video editing or gaming.
    Would be fine for video editing, assuming some fast USB3 storage. Sure, it won't do real-time pro 8k or anything but for most people's usage it would actually do just fine at it. People totally over-estimate the hardware needed for non-professional video editing. For pro-level stuff and twitch gaming, it's more of a "well duh". There has never been a sub-£1000 laptop suitable for that.
  16. Avatar
    Great value for money!
    The best spec I've seen for this price!
    Would this work well for video editing?
  17. Avatar
    Which twisted person in marketing wrote this:

    "Keep in contact
    Thanks to the onboard camera, this device, once connected to Wi-Fi, will let you take part in video chats or virtual meetings, [b]enabling the fun of the office to come to you[/b]"

    Like all laptops if you want better battery, lighter weight and better screen you need to pay more. Those things are premium.
    This laptop looks great for the price and will suit most. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    I don't understand the heat on this. A middling range laptop with an energy hog chip and poor display. Just a heads up that something like the Ryzen 5500u has two more cores and will perform slightly worse in single core performance but a good margin better in multicore while using less power.
    Will cost you over £100 less also. 1080p 16:9 on a 15" laptop in 2022 for this money is a bit rubbish.
    What is wrong with the display
  19. Avatar
    Does anyone received or seen this? How sturdy is it ?. Unable to find the model number or the chassis material details.
  20. Avatar
    It's not OLED screen, don't think it's worth it
  21. Avatar
    This or a macbook m1?
    None. Get an IPS display and save your eyes
  22. Avatar
    Does anybody know if the RAM in this laptop can be upgraded? I can't find a definitive answer without knowing the precise model number to check against the ASUS website. I suspect that it is, but reluctant to purchase if the RAM is soldered (or limited to 16GB for some reason)

    Update: if this is indeed the X1500EA model then it looks limited to 16GB. (edited)
  23. Avatar
    That thing looks like it weighs a ton
  24. Avatar
    No mention on this having a backlit keyboard?
    You don't realise how handy that is till you don't have it
  25. Avatar
    old stock im guessing. 13th gen is out in the wild now, this is 11th gen. probably some retailers have been stuck with these older laptops when the work from home/school closures ended.
    Cool story, can you post a link to a 13th gen laptop?
  26. Avatar
    Seems like good price. How much does this normally sell for and whats the model number for this? Want to read reviews for but can’t find it on JL (edited)
  27. Avatar
    Is this an 11th gen cpu?
  28. Avatar
    Anyone know if this would this be good for Premiere Pro, Logic etc etc. Doing stuff like, hooking it up to a mixer for sound recording, etc etc?
    Probably fine for sound recording as its got a fast cpu and 16gb.
  29. Avatar
    Question about battery life...
    About 6 hrs

    currys.co.uk/pro…tml?istCompanyId=bec25c7e-cbcd-460d-81d5-a25372d2e3d7&istFeedId=4d7eb93e-055f-499d-8ee5-1cdcc50d67d1&istItemId=rxxirrwwq&istBid=t&srcid=198&cmpid=ppc~gg~1011%20(Shopping%20Ads)%20Laptops%20-%20New%20Term%202022~1011%20(Shopping%20Ads)%20Laptops%20-%20New%20Term%202022%20ad%20group~Exact~71700000098675515~&mctag=gg_goog_7904&kwid=GOOGLE&device=m&ds_kids=92700073002948249&tgtid=1011%20(Shopping%20Ads)%20Laptops%20-%20New%20Term%202022&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqNSEoLrg-wIVmoBQBh0F2w6IEAQYAiABEgLdAPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds (edited)
  30. Avatar
    Ok ty
  31. Avatar
    Hi, i just need to do very basic video editing (e.g. cutting sections) would the gfx card be ok for that? Many thanks
    Yes. CPU only would be fine for that.
  32. Avatar
    It was with the very Pay later offer
  33. Avatar
    uk layout?
  34. Avatar
    The screen too big
  35. Avatar
    For a extra few hundred you can get this laptop: Worth it? - £820 ASUS TUF Gaming F17 Core i5 11400H 16GB 512GB SSD RTX 3060 144Hz 17.3 Inch Windows 11 Gaming Laptop
    For an extra few hundred you can get this laptop instead of asus tuf: worth it? Legion 5 Pro 165Hz Ryzen 7 6800H / 16GB DDR5 / 1TB SSD / RTX 3070
  36. Avatar
    Great price. Heat 🔥🔥🔥
  37. Avatar
    Does this come loaded with Microsoft office? If not, where is the best place to acquire it these days?
    Is loaded with MS Office trial version, (60 days if I can remember correctly).

    You can buy full version in Amazon

    Office 2021 Professional Plus | Lifetime License (£22.90)

  38. Avatar
    What are laptops like this compared to the MacBook Air? They’re half the price and the way people talk about MacBook Air value you’d think this would be better than them but to me the build quality looks rubbish in comparison. I know this is a larger laptop and it’s not exactly like for like but can anyone tell me what sort of thing is an actual comparative laptop from apple range to these 500 ish deals that have been coming up and getting linked to within comments of other deals? Thanks
    Tasks could include video editing, watching media and playing games
  39. Avatar
    Is this better or worse than the HONOR Magicbook 16 that was on deal at £494 the other day?
    I went for honor 16. Happy with it. Battery seems ok
  40. Avatar
    Quite a lot of computing for that price, I would like something similar but in 14 size to hit my sweet spot.
    Struggling also to find good 14”.