Viz Box Set DVD £5.85 delivered @ zavvi rrp £19.79

Viz Box Set DVD £5.85 delivered @ zavvi rrp £19.79

Found 20th Jan 2010
Sid The Sexist:

Sidney Smutt is a smooth talking sex machine, a lady killing hard man who can drink anyone under the table... or so he thinks. Meet Sid, Baz, Bob and Joe on their adventures, as they paint Newcastle red and jet off to sunny Spain, in search of love, excitement and a truly satisfying takeaway.

Oh, Lordy! It's The Fat Slags - Three Saucy Adventures:

Here it is. Raunchier than a Swedish rabbit and bluer than a baboon's arse. The two and only Fat Slags burst onto your screens in non-stop steamy red hot rubber Panhandlevision. Ooh la la!

Oh, Lordy! It's The Fat Slags - Blue Honeymoon:

The Yo Yo knickered Slags get the blues when randy romeo Baz marries their love rival Thelma. But it's during their disasterous honeymoon at the sinister Paradise Park that the action really turns blue!

Roger Mellie The Man On The Telly - Also Featuring Billy the Fish:

You've seen him swear in VIZ magazine, now see him swear on your TV screen, as Roger Mellie The Man On The Telly, at last makes his spectacular DVD debut. Like any true professional, Roger is always critical of his own work "it's a pile of crap," he told us. "But I hope the punters buy it anyway, 'cos I need the money."

Born half-man, half-fish, young Billy Thomson's dream was to play in goal for Fulchester United. And that dream came true, in the pages of VIZ magazine. It's a football fan's 'catch' of the day, an action packed account of the adventures of everybody's favourite footballing fish.


confusing title, rrp would be better BEFORE the actual price!

Good price.
Also £5.85 at The Hut, which might help people reach the £40 threshold to use the £4 off code.

Fat ***** parts are excellent, particularly the Blue Honeymoon but the rest are pretty average

Class: Oh, Lordy! It's The Fat ***** - Three Saucy Adventures: Funny as **** :thumbsup:

"NNNAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH San I ant ad owt up me fer a week",.... "gerraway ya dirty cow ya had im wit wig n limp behind the cinema last night"....... "OOOHHH i did notice a birra mess on me snatch tray" :oops:
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