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VMware Workstation 12.5 Pro - 30% Off Flash Sale - £153.96
Found 8th Mar 2017Found 8th Mar 2017
VMware Workstation 12.5 Pro - 30% Off Flash Sale - £153.96
£153.96VMware Deals
I know this is still expensive, so feel free to vote cold, but considering VMware rarely has discounts for this, I thought I'd post this for the few people who would be interested.… Read more

​Yeh I eventually figured out how to install it but it made no difference. Prefer Remote Desktop anyway as you can put a shortcut to it on your desktop.


But if you are using Windows 10 then you probably have the option of running them straight on Hyper-V? Just an option.


I get pretty regular emails on VMware reductions so I'm not convinced the rare discounts message is necessarily true.


Yeah I prefer fusion out of all the OS but still prefer parallels overall


I prefer VM Fusion on OSX/MacOS, I like how the Mac is able to swipe between operating systems, just so slick.

VMWare Fusion 6   £36.77 using 20% discount @ VMware
Found 8th Sep 2013Found 8th Sep 2013
VMWare Fusion 6 £36.77 using 20% discount @ VMware
Latest version of VMWare Fusion 6 for Mac. £36.77 with code instead of £45.95 Code is VMwBeta20 And possibility of 10% QuidCo



Hazard what are you on?? this is a gr8t deal!!!!


Idiot !


Nice find, £30.36 for upgrades (I had VMWare 4.x)


personally I prefer parallels over fusion, but a good price for the product.

VMware Fusion 5 (MAC) & VMware 9 (PC) Cyber Monday 3 Day Upgrade Deal. Fusion 5=£31.99 Fusion 5 Pro=£41.21
Found 26th Nov 2012Found 26th Nov 2012
VMware Fusion 5 (MAC) & VMware 9 (PC) Cyber Monday 3 Day Upgrade Deal. Fusion 5=£31.99 Fusion 5 Pro=£41.21
If you need to run Internet Explorer or any other Windows programs on a Mac, then this is how you do it. No need to dual boot. You do need a Virtual Machine running Windows, but yo… Read more

Luckily for me, they got it right on Fusion 5. Sub-Total £27.82 Total £31.99


Pricing for me on the VMWare Workstation upgrade is mucked up. Click the £56.81 link, and it shows as £56.80, add it to the basket and it becomes £65.32! All prices of course ex-VAT - GRRRR Have some heat, but an email is winging its way to VMWare who NEVER seem to get their special offers right!

30% off VMware Workstation 8 for Linux and Windows £109.08
Found 29th Nov 2011Found 29th Nov 2011
30% off VMware Workstation 8 for Linux and Windows £109.08
£109.08VMware Deals
Ok. So it's my first post so be gentle. And it's a bit geeky so no insults. VMWARE 8 workstation is getting some great reviews and at the moment the official download has 30% off.… Read more

Due to its complicated licensing and some confusing changes to its product names, I recently ditched VMware products and migrated to VirtualBox. Saves a lot of money, and I think I prefer it!


Yeah, Fusion looks like a good product. Especially for the money.


Also got VMWare Fusion (Mac) for £26.44 http://store.vmware.com/store?Action=DisplayPage&Locale=en_IE&SiteID=vmwde&id=ProductDetailsPage&productID=166450700


I would go for Oracle VM VirtualBox. It's the best for the money (ie free). See below for a comparative review against VMWare. Desktop virtualization smackdown: Parallels vs. VMware vs. VirtualBox


great product, regularly use it for work. Easily worth the money.

VMWare Fusion 4 - 3 day sale - $34.99 + taxes
Found 28th Nov 2011Found 28th Nov 2011
VMWare Fusion 4 - 3 day sale - $34.99 + taxes
Not for everyone, but.. Got an email from VMWare stating they have a 3 day sale on VMWare Fusion - ends 30th November. Allows Windows / Windows Apps to be run on Mac OS X - but i… Read more

Cheers mate - just wish it was a bit cheaper! X) lol


It has - http://store.vmware.com/store?Action=DisplayPage&Locale=en_IE&SiteID=vmwde&id=ProductDetailsPage&productID=166452200


Good find OP and thanks for the EU link Spraint - just hope Workstation also drops in price, as that would be very handy for me! :D


Version 4.1 allows you to run Leopard and Snow Leopard as clients. Handy if you have any Rosetta based applications you need to run. If you update from that you lose that ability. This is the link for Europe and the price drops to £26.66 and includes VAT

VMware Workstation 8 for Windows - £93.49 (Using Code) @ VMware
Found 25th Sep 2011Found 25th Sep 2011
VMware Workstation 8 for Windows - £93.49 (Using Code) @ VMware
Use the promo code WORKSTATION to knock 40% off the standard price at VMware's online store. If you are a student or work in education you can get an additional 40% off using eithe… Read more

im having the same problem, trying to get the academic version no error, and no discount.


Have you registered your copy of VMware Workstation 7 on the VMware website? This is what I had to do before it would let me purchase the v8.0 upgrade. VMware won't let you proceed with the order unless they can verify that the serial number from the version you are upgrading from is valid.


Not working for me to upgrade from my version 7 to 8, it just silently ignores the code. Tried deleting cookies, it made no difference. Of course for the upgrade copy you have to log in to your vmware account, which possibly makes a difference.


Good find OP - just what I'm needing for doing some training. :D


VMware Workstation does quite a lot more than Player. e.g. snapshots/clones, the ability to share VMs over the network, drag-and-drop VMs from Workstation to vSphere. I work with VMs all the time at home and work, so the extra features in Workstation are definitely worth it.

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VMware Fusion v4.0 for Mac OS X - £22.67 (Using Code) @ VMware
Found 25th Sep 2011Found 25th Sep 2011
VMware Fusion v4.0 for Mac OS X - £22.67 (Using Code) @ VMware
The current promo price for VMware Fusion 4 is £37.78 (£32.85 + VAT @ 15%). If you use the link to the right, together with the promo code WORKSTATION you can get 40% off which bri… Read more

Doesn't seem to work anymore... entering the promo code WORKSTATION and clicking Apply does not reduce the price from £32.85 (pre VAT)




Yes. When you go from v3 to v4 none of your VMs are touched. The first time you start up the Windows 7 VM in Fusion 4, make sure you install the latest VMware Tools if it doesn't prompt you.


Just a quick question, can I upgrade from v3 without having to reinstall Win7 etc?


Yes. Virtualbox is free, works perfectly well but isn't quite as easy to use or as polished as fusion.

VMWare Fusion 4.0 (Mac OS X) download £30.22
Found 14th Sep 2011Found 14th Sep 2011
VMWare Fusion 4.0 (Mac OS X) download £30.22
Just released at a promo price of $49.99 or £32.85 (ex VAT) Online pricing only, can't seem to avoid the VAT though. Use promo code FUSION20 to knock approx 20% off to get it for… Read more

Great find, thanks. I've bought this to use with OS X Lion which should now be supported as a guest OS.


I'm very happy with Virtualbox, and the price is certainly right! Works well on both PC and OSX. Have used Parallels, Virtual PC, etc. before, and certainly prefer Virtualbox.


Parallels 7 has just been released the other week with a speed boost. It will be interesting to see what Fusion brings to the table. Virtualbox is also coming on leaps and bounds, though.


Good deal and voted hot, but boo hiss to VMWARE for not giving version 3 users who purchased before July 2011 a reduced price upgrade!


Get price for a great product BUT not sure I'll be buying this version. Boot camp and a dropbox work fine.

Buy VMware Fusion 3.1 Today and Get £20 Back
Found 26th Oct 2010Found 26th Oct 2010
Buy VMware Fusion 3.1 Today and Get £20 Back
If you have purchased VMware Fusion 3 between the 15th of October 2010 and the 31st of December 2010 you are eligible for 20 GBP. To redeem your rebate, please follow the followin… Read more

Yeah. Are you still awaiting your rebate? How long has it been and have you tried emailing them?


Did u buy it from Amazon.


Pleased to say I finally got my cheque in the post today. It was dated 19/01/2011 so may have something to do with the email I sent. So for those of you who are still awaiting their rebate I suggest sending an email asking what the hell is going on.


I've had a look through my email history and came across this email address: vmwarefusion@clientmail.eu.com Basically when I applied for the rebate, they sent an email confirming my application had been logged on their system. They also said if I had any problems/queries to email vmwarefusion@clientmail.eu.com quoting a ref number that was in the email. I've sent them an email saying its been over 10 weeks and I'm still waiting for my rebate, will post back what their response is.


Hi, not sure if this thread is still live, but i've still not had my rebate dating back to Oct 2010! anyone know how to contact them about this? Been on their website, but cant find any. thanks

Upgrade to VMWare Fusion 3 from any version of Fusion or Parallels - $9.99
Found 20th Sep 2010Found 20th Sep 2010
Upgrade to VMWare Fusion 3 from any version of Fusion or Parallels - $9.99
VMWare marketing blurb (http://www.vmware.com/vmwarestore/fusion_upgrade_promo.html): --- Get More for Less from the Best Upgrade to VMware Fusion 3 for only $9.99 If you are cons… Read more

The 'go to deal' link is http://www.vmware.com/vmwarestore/fusion_upgrade_promo.html - for some reason it just doesn't work via that button but should be fine if clicked in this posting.


Parallels 6 slams Fusion 3 for now on Win 7, well worth the upgrade ! Review here : http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-20016354-263.html


I use virtual Box by Oracle/Sun it's free and solid, runs Windows on a Mac no problem Although I've not tried VMware http://www.virtualbox.org/


I've got Parallels on my work iMac and VMware on my home iMac and out of the two I prefer VMware.


This is hot, please don't vote cold just because you don't understand it!

Free VMware Player - Able to run multiple OS's
Found 14th Aug 2010Found 14th Aug 2010
Free VMware Player - Able to run multiple OS's
This is a GREAT virtual machine which can run multiple operating systems at the same time on your PC. Easy to install!!

I am using VMware for more than 3 years now. Player can be used to play the VM's created using workstation. VM workstation is the program you will have to use to create your own VM (i bought this) Yes this is true that you can run multiple OS on the same machine provided you have enough RAM and HDD space both of which are no more a constrains these days... So as far as you have the VM for the OS you wishing to run (either you created one or downloaded from net) you are good to go with the VMware player.. Also Player is free from day one and this is not something that is made free now.


whats the difference between this and VMware workstation?


Thanks mate!


I use VirtualBox, is this the same sort of software ? If so is there any reason why I should switch to this?


cheers dude