Vodafone - £1.00 Content Control Removal = £2.50 in Credit = Free £1.50 @ Vodfaone

Vodafone - £1.00 Content Control Removal = £2.50 in Credit = Free £1.50 @ Vodfaone

Found 8th Jul 2011
Remove content control

When you remove content control, you're confirming that you're over 18 years of age. You'll also need to agree to our terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions
The first time you remove content control, you will need a credit card to prove your age
We need to charge £1 to your credit card, to prove that it's valid. This charge will show on your statement as 'Vodafone C.Control'

We can't refund this charge - but we will add £2.50 to your Vodafone account to say 'thank you'

If you give your phone to anyone under 18, you must reactivate adult content control

So just remove content control on the My Account section of your online account and its a Free £1.50 !

Even if you don't use the service its still free money !
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Paying you to access porn, nice one.
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More than just porn is blocked, but I like the fact that this is your first thought !
Credit card? So debit card won't work then?

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It may do if its a visa ?!
When I started my Vodafone contract last year I just rang them up and they removed it there and then - no charge...

Think this applies to PAYG only, seeing as you have to be 18 to take out a mobile contract anyway...
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I'm on contract, and just went through My account and it worked for me !
O2 do the same thing.

Three take the £1 but give you nothing back!

I'm on contract, and just went through My account and it worked for me !

Must be a new thing...
free money is good
Do remember what section of my account it was before i start ploughing through them all?


O2 do the same thing.Three take the £1 but give you nothing back!

Cos Three are thieving beggars
"Please see the following errors.
* We're sorry, but you are not permitted to change this setting. Please contact Customer Services on 191"

On pay as you go

Any reasons why it didnt work?
Its an unlocked new phone
BTW it was in device settings
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This has been like this for years
i need this unblocked aswell, and it blocks a lot more than porn.
at least 10 yrs old this lol
free on tmobile payg to remove content lock. Just go instore with id proof.
Cany get into anythin
Remove content control
Even on contract you just call 191 tell them ya number they remove there and then free it instant you get text confirming. Long as you adult which they know you are from date of birth and contract no reason put card details online which I always wary to do.
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