Unfortunately, this deal has expired 7 December 2022.
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Posted 2 November 2022

Vodafone 100GB 5G data, Unlimited min/text + £66 cashback - £13pm/12m (£7.50pm effective) @ Mobiles.co.uk

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

With a possible £10 TBC the total works to £6.66 a month
Mobiles.co.uk More details at Mobiles.co.uk

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    My TCB for mobiles.co.uk is showing as £30.
    Yeah, be careful with that... I think I've had £10 for the past couple of contracts now.
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    No automatic cashback. I am too lazy to claim.
    It’s very easy. I just set reminders on my phone for every date it’s due, at the start of the contract
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    How much data can I usefor free while I am abroad in the EU? Or now does it have the daily fee?
    Only free in ROI & IOM. £2/day, £8/8 days or £15 for 15 days for EU. That includes 25GB.

    Lebara is worth a look 21GB for £7.95 & use it all in EU. (edited)
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    Looks good (edited)
    Where does it say that? I dont see it. If it was capped there would be a logo saying that:48585168-uisb2.jpg (edited)
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    Been with Vodafone for 4 weeks. Biggest mistake switching from EE. 5G speeds are rubbish. The most I get is around 20mb download and 1-2 upload. This is on the unlimited max plan which is supposed to be uncapped.
    Customer service is also rubbish. (edited)
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    Plus possible £2.25 per month from April
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    Will there be better deals on backs Friday?
    Who knows
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    Also, I have credit on both my accounts, I have Goodwill gestures for loss of services.
    I have been told I cannot have this refunded to my bank account it will be used for subsequent bills.
    They have about £300 of my money, really I just want my money. So I am thinking port out, different network provider, which means I can then claim the money they owe me, and get two New contracts,
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    If Voda data works for you then this is a bargain, 100GB of data for an effective £7.50! Yes it's by redemption but it's not that difficult and if you can get TCB to pay out then only £6.66 🔥
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    Problem is over the last few months Vodafone have been dreadful, they seem to be continuously carrying out maintenance work
    I remember one time when I was out of London I didn't have mobile data for nearly 5 days
    I've been on Vodafone for years and not had an issue. I live and work in London too
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    Mobile data services was really poor last night trying to do things online trying to watch films
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    Is this plan available for new customer? Is the internet speed good on this plan?
    yeah this plan is the new cusomers and the speed should be good in most areas

    you can check coverage here: vodafone.co.uk/net…ker
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    Do you just download your banking statement with the bill on the specified dates and upload with redemption?

    I know some redemptions are funny where they send you a slip of paper and you need to take a photo and email at certain dates.

    This more straightforward without needing to faff about with anything physical? Thanks
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    Not automatic cashback
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    I have just gone for the £15 per month but effective cost of £8 for 200gb usage. And it's just updated my Vodafone account to show it
    Yeah, I posted this deal before that.