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Vodafone 100GB 5G Data Unltd Mins/Texts (12m) £15 P/m (£10.42 Effective With £55 Auto Cashback) £180 / £125 @ Mobiles.co.uk

Posted 17th Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Update 1
Deal extended to Monday
Pretty cracking deal here, Use the code 20AUTO for £55 cashback on the 100GB Vodafone sim deal, remember you will have benefits such as veryme
choose the deal below once you have hit "get deal" the auto cashback is paid direct to your account after 38 days, no need for claiming anything


Why Choose Vodafone Sim Only?
If you’re happy with your current handset, or if you’re just looking to reduce your monthly payments, switching to a SIM only plan is the perfect solution. What’s more, SIM only plans offer shorter contract lengths, letting you sign up for just 12 months or on a rolling monthly basis.

When you choose a Vodafone SIM-only deal, you can enjoy the same perks and benefits that you receive with Vodafone handset contracts - such as cloud storage, global roaming allowances, and superfast 4G connections.

Vodafone Coverage
Boasting better 4G coverage than ever before, Vodafone 4G now reaches an impressive 99% of the UK population. As well as increasing coverage up and down the nation, Vodafone have also been working to improve their coverage in locations of interest. One such example is London’s Gatwick Airport, which is now the fastest 4G airport in the UK thanks to Vodafone’s recent work.

Vodafone Roaming
Heading somewhere sunny? Use your new SIM aboard courtesy of Vodafone Global Roaming. Available with all new and existing pay-monthly contracts (excluding Basics plans), you can use texts, minutes and data when abroad for a small additional cost. Check roaming rates with Vodafone before use outside of the UK

Vodafone SIM Only Upgrade
You can upgrade to Vodafone regardless of if you’re currently on a Vodafone handset contract or SIM only. If you’re on a Red Entertainment plan, you can upgrade 60 days before the end of your agreement, while other Vodafone contracts allow you to upgrade 30 days early. This means you don’t have to wait right until the end of your agreement to upgrade to SIM only and start saving money.


Prices may rise annually - full details here

Mobile contract providers tend to increase your monthly tariff by inflation - and exactly which measure depends on the network:

Three: a Fixed Annual Price Change, 4.5% this year.
O2: RPI plus 3.9%.
EE, Vodafone: Consumer Price Index plus 3.9%.

The date of the adjustment also varies by provider:

Three: April
O2: Announced in Feb, effective from April
EE: Announced in Jan, effective from March
Vodafone: Announced in Jan, effective from April

What is Sim only?

SIM only is just that, where you only pay for the minutes, texts, and data you use on your sim-card.

You will have to supply your own device i.e phone/tablet to insert the sim-card into, hence why it's called 'sim only'
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