Unfortunately, this deal has expired 25 September 2022.
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Posted 26 August 2022

Vodafone 100GB 5G Data Unltd Mins/Texts (12m) £15 P/m (£10.83 Effective With £50 Auto Cashback) £180 / £130 @ Carphone Warehouse

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Always nice to have an auto cashback deal, this one has been bumped to £50 from a previous £40 at carphone, no redemption and guaranteed £50 back

Why Choose Vodafone Sim Only?
If you’re happy with your current handset, or if you’re just looking to reduce your monthly payments, switching to a SIM only plan is the perfect solution. What’s more, SIM only plans offer shorter contract lengths, letting you sign up for just 12 months or on a rolling monthly basis.

When you choose a Vodafone SIM-only deal, you can enjoy the same perks and benefits that you receive with Vodafone handset contracts - such as cloud storage, global roaming allowances, and superfast 4G connections.

Vodafone Coverage
Boasting better 4G coverage than ever before, Vodafone 4G now reaches an impressive 99% of the UK population. As well as increasing coverage up and down the nation, Vodafone have also been working to improve their coverage in locations of interest. One such example is London’s Gatwick Airport, which is now the fastest 4G airport in the UK thanks to Vodafone’s recent work.

Vodafone Roaming
Heading somewhere sunny? Use your new SIM aboard courtesy of Vodafone Global Roaming. Available with all new and existing pay-monthly contracts (excluding Basics plans), you can use texts, minutes and data when abroad for a small additional cost. Check roaming rates with Vodafone before use outside of the UK

Vodafone SIM Only Upgrade
You can upgrade to Vodafone regardless of if you’re currently on a Vodafone handset contract or SIM only. If you’re on a Red Entertainment plan, you can upgrade 60 days before the end of your agreement, while other Vodafone contracts allow you to upgrade 30 days early. This means you don’t have to wait right until the end of your agreement to upgrade to SIM only and start saving money.

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  1. Avatar
    I went through TopCashback on this one when this was £40 automatic cash back and got both the automatic £40 and £40 from TopCashback as well. Win win all round
    Same here. 2 years in a row

    How long do you think this offer will last for @MrSwitch ? (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Vodafone are also offering 6 months of discovery + for anyone with a sim plan so that's another benefit of this deal. Just use the My Vodafone app to claim (edited)
  3. Avatar
    "Vodafone Roaming" in the deal might suggest it is included in the price but it is not. You do need to pay extra if you want to use your phone abroad. This is a poor misinformation practice in my opinion. Been with Vodafone for 16 years but few days ago I left them for those 2 reasons. Misinformation and lack of decent contracts with roaming included. Went for O2 sim only. £8 for 30GB (60GB if you have virgin) and EU roaming included in the price
    £2/day or £8 for 8 days. Not great, but not exorbitant.
  4. Avatar
    Thanks MrSwitch. I'm already with Vodafone, so may have to switch out and back in again, just wondering how long it would take to do all that though and how?
    PAC to another Sim, then PAC back, shoyod take a few days
  5. Avatar
    Auto cashback, love it😘
  6. Avatar
    Nice Thanks
  7. Avatar
    Great deal 🔥
  8. Avatar
    Vodafone 5g is slow as hell
    I have a 4g phone and no 4g net issues for me at all (edited)
  9. Avatar
    oooooo maybe interested! on Lebara now for 1p lol but 4g sucks! (edited)
    Lebara is Vodafone. So might be same 4G
  10. Avatar
    Will this also be valid from QuidCo??

    Replying to

    I've just given this a go with Quido. My Three Pay Monthly ends this month and I am tired of their patchy coverage. Over to Vodafone I go. If it works, It's down to £8.33 per month.
  11. Avatar
    5g depends on area Vodafone got coverage checker

    I am temped if topcahback payout £40

    48099711-o67Ud.jpg 12 months or 18 month Vodafone £40 good spot.

    Or otherwise new SIM only contract £10 (edited)

    Replying to

    It would show in 2 days
  12. Avatar
    So if i've got a contrat with vodafone (finished for a couple of months) do i just buy a £1 sim and request a PAC from Vodafone and use it on the lets say Virgin SIM and then request another PAC from the Virgin to use at new Vodafone? Am i getting this right?
    yup, you cant move your number from vodafone to vodafone. There are a lot of free sims which you can use. Or maybe even the 0.01p lebara sim which you can cancel after a month.
  13. Avatar
    I am waiting for a vodafone deal with the entertainment add on. Hopefully there is one soon.
  14. Avatar
    Ah my pleasure mate, happy it's helped
  15. Avatar
    Reviews on 4g coverage in your general area?
    I'm in the market for a SIMO deal away from Three.
  16. Avatar
    Since when did you have to pay for voicemail on Vodafone?
  17. Avatar
    I don't have 5g phone, can this sim still work on a 4g phone? Thanks
  18. Avatar
    I took the offer. Carphone warehouse sent the sum which arrived today, however the SIM not provisioned. Vodafone said cpw had not set up the contract properly. I can only hope they are open tomorrow to sort it out!!!!
  19. Avatar
    Just a quick question. I am already with Vodafone and porting out to a different network and back in.

    When I sign up for this deal should I use my existing Vodafone email address or sign up under a different one?