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Vodafone 100Mb broadband + £105 Voucher + £43 TCB - £24m /24m - £576 (£17.84 effec /£14.84 existing mobile cust) @ Giftcloud / Vodafone

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

You get a choice of £105 voucher from amazon / Tesco / Sainsbury / M&S
After Voucher you will pay effectively £17.09pm

Giftcloud More details at Giftcloud

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    Vodafone have the worst technical support. Good luck if this goes wrong. Also took me a year to get a refund when they overcharged me. Don’t think I’d ever sign up for a 2 year contract with them.
    U phat tho... I've just signed up for 900mbps 30 quid month dates for engineers were snapped up! Went from Feb 6th to March 6th... yikes
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    Never got my reward from these guys 1 year ago when I signed up. Waited the 90 days or whatever it was, had a reminder setup. Went to claim and it still says "we are processing your claim".
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    In april price will go up, and again the next year. Something to bear in mind
    I am waiting until after April.
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    Are you seeing £24p/m? - I'm seeing £25 p/m on TCB:49392018-9Y1P6.jpg
    I think you might need to be a premium member of TCB to get the OP price .
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    Can you do TCB and gift cloud?
    I'm absolutely certain that you cannot 'link' or chain two 'retro-rewards' companies. Just choose the one that suits you most
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    Dont think anyone has said this, but woulkd be better to go through Top Cash Back, then Uswitch, then Gift Cloud, then Vodafone. This gets you £50 TCB and a £100 Giftcloud, plus an extra £2 from TCB if you activate deal!! On the £22.50 tarif it comes down to £16.25 per month
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    Tried to get this for my dad and said his credit check failed! He's 80 and never failed any credit checks. Very odd.
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    How long does it normally take to actually get the TCB and the reward card
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    Does existing Vodafone customer include top up customers
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    Tried to get this last week but was a 2 month wait for an engineer to come out!
    May be your area. I ordered on Sunday and they gave me a date two weeks in advance.
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    I got my voucher within about 2 months also I upgrade to faster internet for cheaper when I said I was going to cancel
    Did you have to make any special claim after a fixed number of days since service started etc or did they just let you know the voucher is ready? I applied for it when I ordered their broadband
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    If my current contract is until 27-Feb, the earliest activation date is 21-Feb, can I just choose that and let the ISP sort things out? Or do I have to get some sort of code to port my service over like mobile phone?
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    contract expires 3rd Feb. Worth waiting until after price rise to change or not?
    Will go from £22 a month to £30 when it ends.
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    I booked my installation for today using a similar offer on HUKD and CityFibre did not turn up, leaving me stuck waiting at home all day with no communication at all. I spoke to Vodafone at 2 o'clock and they reassured me that the installation will still go ahead and everything looked OK.

    At 5 it was clear nobody was going to show up so I called again and spent an hour on hold before the lady confirmed that the order had been canceled, supposedly by CityFibre, and CityFibre themselves rejected the order due to technical issues. It seems this is a common thing for them as a quick Google shows how many times they were no-shows.

    I am so annoyed, now I have to book another order and the next nearest installation date is the 7th of February and I asked for my current contract with Cuckoo Broadband to finish on the 27th of January, so now I am gonna have to ask for an extension and pay for the full month.
    holy moly!!! im paying for BT to end my contract to switch to these... if these apes mess up ill not be happy!
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    What counts as being a Vodafone customer?
    Could you just get a FREE PAYG sim card and apply that to get the existing customer price?
    No I asked that haha
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