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Posted 31 October 2022

Vodafone 5G Sim Only Upgrade 100GB Data £15p/m (Effective £7p/m With £96 Manual Casback) 12 Month £180 / £84 @ Mobiles.co.uk

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Upgrade to this for £15p/m but can claim £96 cashback via redemption

Cashback by redemption

  • Send your claim in line with the Cashback Claim Process below and we will credit you by cheque with £19.20 each time.
  • This will save you £96 over the 12 month duration of the contract. In effect this means that your average line rental per month over the contract period is £7 per month.
  • Cashback Claim Process:
  • Claiming your cashback couldn't be simpler. You will need to send in your mobile phone bill at months 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12
  • It's so simple to workout when you need to claim your cashback, please see the below table on when you should send your bills to us.

Mobiles.co.uk More details at Mobiles.co.uk

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    Know when this ends @MrSwitch ? Says I can update from 18th November 2022 on app
    It ends on the 1st December buddy
  2. Avatar
    Roaming included?
    No, it's not
  3. Avatar
    Great deal! i'm currently paying the same for just 10GB i did call vodafone to see if they could match this but they said i cant move from vodafone to vodafone through a third party as i will lose my number does anyone know if this is true?
    It is true, however you can port (PAC) your number out to another network (via a free Sim card) then port your number back to your new contract
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    Best check if you can receive 5G now, or fairly soon, before buying this.

    Just in case you may be in a one horse TOWN like me.
    Will still be good for 4g though and in my experience of 5g across multiple cities in the UK so far, 4g+ is miles faster anyway currently!
    I had to actually disable 5g in my phone as it was painful at times.
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    Hi, so can I apply a month in advance of my contract end date?
    I have upgraded 2 months before my contract ended. Check in your Vodafone app if you are eligible for sim only upgrade.
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    Is this open to new contracts or just present Vodafone mobile customers?
    It's an upgrade so it's for existing VF customers. Though their are equivalent plans available at the £8/month mark for new VF customers
  7. Avatar
    Is this full speed or throttled? Could not see it on the page.
    As long as it's not a Basics Plan or an unlimited plan, it should always be full speed
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    If your already with Vodaphone - when can you upgrade so you don't invalidate an existing cashback offer? I got mine last black Friday so I think it runs out this month
    Check from your app when the contract runs out and then order this , you can exit early by requesting a PAC and pay the exit fee if it is only a matter of a few quids.

    If you need a 12th month bill for cashback then you need to work out the billing date and make sure your last bill is generated. Again can be done from the app (edited)
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    I'm currently coming to the end of a cashback deal with Vodafone. I'm with Vodafone for broadband as well but that's a separate contract. I'm on 100gb for £20 unlimited mins and text.

    How can I sign up for this or do I have to leave first then come back?

    I've tried negotiating with Vodafone before and they just don't budge.
    It's an upgrade deal. On the website, it mentions details for a credit check (eg 3 years address) but it also asks for your current Vodafone number and never runs a credit check. It just matches the details with Vodafone for the upgrade (like you, I was about to move number out and back because Voda done often have good upg deals!)
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    48570055-S2Hnf.jpgshowing me 30gb data for upgrade while 100gb data for £8.. sounds dodgy
    Ain’t dodgy, you just clicked the wrong deal mate
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    might be a stupid question but i'm new to this. How exactly does it work? does it take out the £15 and then refund the £8 monthly, or does it take out £7?
    It takes out £15 per month. On months 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12, you send Mobiles.co.uk your phone bill and they send you a cheque. It's not automatic and it's not monthly.
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    If you're with Vodafone through another third party like Fonehouse. Can you still use this upgrade deal with mobiles.co.uk?
    if your previous deal has ended or is coming to an end yes
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    Seeing mixed comments below my contract with voda expires on the 3/12/22 so going to wait a few days then issue the 30 day cancellation notice and order this if nothing else comes along. Would this keep my current voda number? Has anyone actually done this yet?
    I didn't issue any cancellation process - I was in the last 30 days and just gave them my current vodafone number that's it when on mobiles.co.uk - vodafone are recalculating my bill as from today at the new lower price
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    possible £30 via TCB also
    Did you get it?
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    Guarantee no one will listen, but please please avoid 3rd parties, sure you'll save a few quid but its just not worth it... Read your T&Cs!
    @TomSLee you're gonna need to explain why rather than referring to T&Cs.

    Do I assume you work for Vodafone as you made a comment saying you can help someone who is a direct voda customer?
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    Thanks Switchy!

    I placed my order at 13:00 and by 14:45 it was all upgraded. Can't go wrong for £7 a month!
    Excellent mate, nice one.
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    Manual cashbacks are a nonsense, it's not 2002. If they can do automatic cashback for some contracts, they can do it for all. They know full well people will forget or not do it properly.
  18. Avatar
    This is better than my one, I get £15.60 back
    How you do the cash back ( manually) ! What does it mean?
  19. Avatar
    I am already a vodafone customer, but assume can port my second number from lebara to this one and still get the cashback etc? Thanks a lot.
  20. Avatar
    This is good it's usually £8.50 deal they do, which is what I'm currently on, no issues with cash back so far.
  21. Avatar
    Good deal mines at 7.50/month.
  22. Avatar
    I've got this. It's great.
  23. Avatar
    If Voda data works for you then this is a bargain! As long as you do the manual cashback, and let's be honest it's not difficult, then an effective rate of 7 quid a month is fantastic for 100GB of data 🔥
  24. Avatar
    Good deal. I got until the end of the month to get a new contract.
  25. Avatar
    Nice deal voted hot! Only that My contract doesn't expire until April 😬
  26. Avatar
    Thanks, Just upgraded a month prior to my current Vodafone contract ending. All gone through within a few minutes. Received a small credit for my old contract and the new plan showing on MyVodafone.
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    I personally require the 200gb one, I use hotspot as my primary Internet source. There doesn't seem to be any info on the speed eg is it 2, 10mb or unlimited. Can anyone help verify?
    48569101-RSm8M.jpgHere is my speed on 4g 
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    Just waiting for affordable mobiles to offer this in an upgrade deal
  29. Avatar
    Joke of a company. Still waiting for "auto" cashback since I took out 2 contracts with them last November. Despite numerous phone calls, and many broken promises, I have given up. They owe me almost £100, yet it has proven impossible to actually get it. And I never received any confirmation of the new contracts - nothing was sent out by them and again, after numerous attempts, I never did receive any confirmation of the new contracts, but they exist because they're shown in My Vodafone.
    Can only assume you mean the 3rd party, not vodafone? If you require help with Vodafone, let me know!
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    Paid the same price last year for 160GB so might hold off for a bit.
    I thought exactly the same! Last year managed to 160gb for effective cost of less than £7/month
  31. Avatar
    Anyone else having the transaction fail? Saying my bank wouldn’t allow the purchase and when I called them they said they accepted it
  32. Avatar
    This is a fantastic deal on the effective price on the UKs 2nd best network.
  33. Avatar
    Just went for this for my self and will do my other number tomorrow.
  34. Avatar
    just done my other number got a email saying the first one from yesterday is processing and they re having high demand
    Not surprised, power of hukd
  35. Avatar
    Cheers @MrSwitch OP when I go through TCB it shows £7.50 instead but with the potential cashback if works out a little cheaper still so I went with that. Seeing as it's a upgrade it just saves me the faff over porting out and in again 🏽 (edited)
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    My topcashback is tracking at £5. Is that the same for you guys?

    For anyone afraid they'll forget to claim cashback. Subscribe to this thread and I'll post a message whenever cashback time is due so you guys get a notification as a reminder. (edited)
    Yes mine was showing £5 waiting uplift but the uplift has vanished and just showing £5
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    This has jumped to 200gb for the same price for Black Friday sale.

    Just saw it. It's also cheaper. Damn should have waited (edited)
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    If I'm upgrading...does anyone know if I'll get to keep my number or will it be a new one please?
  39. Avatar
    Anyone upgraded with mobiles.co.uk where they are not quite at the end of the contract and Vodafone apply a "flexi upgrade" free it you upgraded with Vodafone themselves? What happens to that fee?
    You will pay the upgrade fee regardless, unless of course you don't upgrade, the flexi fee is essentially paying the remainder of the contract , only way it can be avoided is if you take a whole new contract, however its not really avoided as you'll then have 2 contracts
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    Great deals as always, but always forget to do the cashback
    I set reminders on my phone.