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Posted 15 November 2022

Vodafone basics sim only 20gb data £8pm (£5.08 after TCB) at Vodafone

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Looks a good deal for a simo with TCB.

Vodafone basics sim only 20gb data £8pm (£5.08 after TCB)


Plus get veryme rewards etc.
Vodafone More details at Vodafone

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Basics now supports volte/vowifi, a family member got one last month and both work fine (some phones may need the config sending but one call to Vodafone and this is sorted and working within an hour).
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    O2 just had an offer with same price, 20GB data too, 5G, wifi calling, 4g calling, EU roaming etc.

    Black Friday is coming and this will lock you for next 12 months. Cold.
    I moved from O2 to Lebara recently and speeds are on a different level. I used to find O2 unusable in busy places. I get the feeling they are oversubscribed, and it's only going to get worse with all the Virgin Mobile customers being moved over. This is only my experience though and I accept that other's may be different. (edited)
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    Good deal but please bare in mind that the "Basics" sims are 4g Only and that 4g calling and Wifi Calling aren't available on these sims. Voted hot as this is a good price if these features don't matter to you.
    They do have volte and vowifi now a family member got one last month. (edited)
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    How does £5.08 via TCB track as a monthly?
    Cashback is £35 on the 20gb deal so works out at £5.08
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    Throttled speeds from these basics plans I think, not too bad though if I remember correctly
    Volte and vowifi both work fine on Vodafone basics now, a family member has the £6 one.

    Phone wise some phones need a config file sending down, asda mobile didn't have a clue and failed spectacularly, I've read Lebara don't know how to do it either. Switched to Vodafone, didn't have it, one phone call and an hour later the config sent and it's working perfectly since. That's with a Samsung phone but I imagine it's the same thing. (edited)
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    Well done on your first deal @akaboomboom Thanks for posting!
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    Great deal, not worried about wifi calling and speed is not capped and with an iphone 11 I’m not worried about 5G
    Exactly the same, basic sometimes does the job. However if you head off on holiday once or twice a year, it it easy to add on a short roaming package etc? Rather than hunt for one included if you don’t really need it all the time.
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    Great deal 🏻
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    Got offered 100gb with 5G for £11 but you are tied up with Vodafone for 18 months. With £3 discount as I have broadband with them. £8 for that is an excellent deal. What do you think?
    There is another offer 160 GB for £13. I went with
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    There’s a chance WIFI Calling will be enabled.
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    I’ve been using Vodafone basics sim plan for almost 2 years no and had VoLTE and Wifi-Calling.
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    £20 cashback now instead of £35
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