Vodafone contract customers unlimited calls to 3 or 5 other Vodafone people £5 or £7 a month respect
Vodafone contract customers unlimited calls to 3 or 5 other Vodafone people £5 or £7 a month respect

Vodafone contract customers unlimited calls to 3 or 5 other Vodafone people £5 or £7 a month respect

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Vodafone Family is the perfect way to bring the people closest to you even closer. Simply choose up to 3 other people to make up your family group and calls between all of you are unlimited.

Just one of you pays £5 a month and you can make as many calls as you like to each other (up to 60 minutes per call), at any time. It doesnt matter if youre a pay as you talk or a pay monthly customer, as long as the four of you are all on Vodafone.

If you need a larger group, no problem one person can pay £7 for unlimited calls between 6 people.

So whether your daughter needs to let you know that shes ready to be picked up or your partner rings to let you know theyre running late for dinner with Vodafone Family its easy. More importantly, youll never have to worry about your kids not being able to call you because theyve run out of credit on their mobile.

Signing up to Vodafone Family is easy, just login or register with My Vodafone then follow the steps to set up your family group.

If you are new to Vodafone check out our Online Store offers.

If you have notified us that you are a business customer on one of our Anytime price plans, you are currently unable to register your group members online. Please dial 34444 to register instead. There is no charge for calls made to this number.

£5/month to call 3 other people unlimited
£7/month to call 5 other people unlimited
The group "founder" ? can be in 2 groups themselves, but it looks like the founder has to be in a contract not sure how many groups someone can be in.

The main limit seems to be 60minute calls, after that it's normal rates, but it looks like all the people in the group except the founder that needs to be on a contract could all be PAYG Vodafone customers, not sure what the credit requirements are though .
Check the link to read FAQ's and T&C's.


Just to update any Vodafone customer prepay or contract can have the Vodafone family.

If on contract it is paid via your monthly bill if on prepay it is just deducted off your credit every 30 days.

If you were thinking of buying a Vodafone prepay sim card, you will be better off going into a Vodafone store and asking for the family voucher at £5, you can then ask the assistant for an addtional 3 sim cards for free (normally £5 each).

Vodafone will also give you money off a prepay phone if you buy a family voucher for £5, you can get an addtional £15 off the cost of any prepay phone when you buy a family voucher, if you don't have the free sim cards at 3 x £5 = £15.

Hope this saves some cash first post, Loving the site:)

This really works we have saved a fortune over these last few weeks by subscibing to this vodafone family . we phone anytime of the day and it doesnt cost a penny only £5 a month and we were spending a lot more than that on payg

Forgot to say it only works when talking you have to pay for text messages
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