Vodafone Contract Deals
Vodafone Contract Deals

Vodafone Contract Deals

Just thought I would post up the two recent contracts I have taken out in the last 6 months - maybe not the cheapest the world has ever seen but something to aim for if you are on the lookout for a new contract and these will give you minimal hassle (no Quidco to track/no cashback to claim etc). Hopefully more of a deal than saving 20p on a box of Cornflakes

You will often get a far better deal from providers by phoning them via the number often listed on their site rather than ordering online. Yes I know you will not get Quidco this way or whatever but as I have said previous some people just want the best deal they can up front.

Anyways as a guide I got -

600min/Unlimited txt/Unlimited internet for £20 a month. Sony Ericsson W595 (at the time I got it the phone was just out and only free with contracts over £20), 18months

300min/Unlimited txt/Unlimited internet for £15 a month. Sony Ericsson C510, 18months

A saving of £10 per month on each (£5 off contract and free internet). Don't forget to push for free delivery (usually £5). Stick to a phone that is normally free with the relevant contract you want online and you should get a similar deal.


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Also consider the free roaming deal Vodafone are currently doing.

I always speak nicely to the people at vodafone.

I have a k770i that I got free ages ago. I extend my contract by another 12 months so now I am getting 900 mins and unlimited texts for £20 a month, plus they gave me £17.50 credit and they advised me that I am due another upgrade at the end of July and that I should just call up and ask for a discount equivlent to the cost a of a new handset.
By the way you can keep on getting quidco by asking for you PAC at the end of your contract then re-registering via the quidco link to the voda website That's what I did with my sim only deals. I have beeng getting more or less free phone calls / dir chepa calls for a few years now. It really pays to shop around and use all teh offeres and leverage you can.

Be nice and chatty and stay polite and friendly. If you dont think you are going to get anywhere with the sales or customer serivce rep just say "Sorry got to dash!" and call back and speak to someone else the following day
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