Vodafone Essentials 500min / UL txt / 5G data / 12mths £162 @ e2save (possible less £78 cashback)

Vodafone Essentials 500min / UL txt / 5G data / 12mths £162 @ e2save (possible less £78 cashback)

Found 30th Mar
Looks like two short terms deals on Vodafone SIM only 12 month contracts have cropped up today. These are available on the VF website and shown as ending on 4th April but they are further discounted on e2save.com and mobiles.co.uk (both CarPhone Warehouse brands) with retro-claim cashback.

Seems the better of the two is this one for low to mid data usage.
Vodafone Essentials SIM, 5G data, 500min, UL text for a total of £162 over 12 months (£13.50pm).
Less £78 cashback makes a net annual cost of £84 (or £7 a month).

Worth a mention but not quite as good as it's dwarfed by the 20G deal for an extra £2 is Vodafone Red Extra SIM, 8G data, UL mins, UL text for £216 over 12 months (£18pm).
Less £96 cashback makes a net annual cost of £120 (or £10 a month).

Both appear to include EU roaming. No idea what the difference is between Essentials and Red Extra, maybe someone can comment on that

There is also the ongoing deal for 20G data which is already on HUKD, UL mins, UL text for an extra £2 a month (£20pm, which reduces to £12pm after cashback)

Cashback has to be claimed in 5 stages but is as simple as downloading your PDF bill from the VF wedbsite and then uploading the same document into the e2save website. No need to mess around with posting bills which used to be the case. The claim has to be made within 60 days of the date of the bill so provided you put a calendar entry into your diary to remind you should be ok as these cashback deals are backed by Carphone Warehouse / Dixons and they are longstanding online retailers. You get confirmation of submitting and approval of the claim by text and usually get a cheque in the post about 2 weeks after you submit the claim.

I'm assuming the deai will expire on the 4th April as this is a VF short term offer.
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was going to move to vodafone, but they are about to change the countries included in their inclusive roaming, so staying with my current provider
£10 Quidco/£10.50 TopCashback too.
5G or 5GB?- If 5G..great futuristic deal.
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kkthomask1 h, 42 m ago

5G or 5GB?- If 5G..great futuristic deal.

Lol. Perhaps it should be Voodoofone then?
Finally a decent sub-£10 SIM deal! After coming to the end of last year's "£4.50" deal from EE, I ended up moving to O2 PAYG temporarily whilst waiting for something like this.
i got a Vodafone PAYG sim already, if I purchase this sim only deal, can my current number be tranffered accross?
I have purchased the essentials 5gb 500mins unlimited texts plan but I am not clear regarding using the sim abroad. Both Vodafone and e2save have published contradictory information on their websites so can anyone confirm if this sim can be used abroad ( in the survivors countries) utilising your UK allowance? I did try contacting both Vodafone and e2save and they referred me to each others websites!

..... After getting this up and running, it does include Vodafone Global Roaming so you can use your UK allowance when abroad in certain countries. Bargain for a Vodafone contact as it works out to about £6/month if redemption and Quidco pay.
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