Vodafone Existing Customers Upgrade to Red Data Unlimited Tariff for £1.30-£3 more per month

Vodafone Existing Customers Upgrade to Red Data Unlimited Tariff for £1.30-£3 more per month

Found 23rd Nov 2012
This may be of interest to you any existing Vodafone Customers.

I called Vodafone on Tuesday as I had gone over my monthly data allowance of 500MB and been charged extra.

They offered to move me to their new 'Red Data' tariff -
Unlimited minutes, Unlimited texts and 2GB data for £3 more per month. When I asked if there was an option in between as I didnt really need unlimited minutes the the operator reduced the price for Red Data to £1.30 more per month.

My contract length and upgrade date remains the same.

I went for this as I have been paying £31 for 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB data. So a bit of a no brainer!

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500gb is some allowance! oO what have you been downloading? (_;)
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£31 for 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500GB data is a hell of a price mate, I hope you don't mind me saying.

Thanks for this info though, I might give them a call.

500gb is some allowance! oO

Haha, I wish I hadn't copied and pasted it myself now
Well done for spotting the 'deliberate' mistake, 500MB, a lot of it is background data from Sky News/Facebook etc

The tariff of £31 was with a Samsung Galaxy SIII and £100 cashback from phones4u for upgrading upfront - so effectively £26.80 per month with a SIII
wow, i pay £10 for the exact same contract with vodafone.
Hmm i have 800 mins, unlimited text and 500Mb data for £31.70 pm but always end up paying an extra £25-30 pm cos i go over my data limit i'll give em a ring, thanks
Just upgraded to this for £26/month with a free S3.
Needed to do the usual bartering.
Anyway, good for you if you are happy
I think Vodafone must be like Sky with their million and one tariffs. They recently rang me to upgrade me to unlimited text, unlimited minutes and 1GB of data every month for £29 from £26. It didn't add anything on to my term either
I had 900 mins/unlimited texts/500mb for £15/.month

Now I have same except 300 minutes and that is £10.50/month but with £60 (paid) Quidco.

Does anyone have unlimited data on Vodafone in a cheapish tariff?
I paid an extra 30p to get this woop! Mind you, I only got 1Gb internet! Can't see why anyone already on Vodafone would think it isn't a great deal!?
I paid an extra 20p. Minus my 20% discount haha
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