Vodafone: Free calls and texts to ANY UK landline or mobile every weekend!!

Vodafone: Free calls and texts to ANY UK landline or mobile every weekend!!

Found 29th Jul 2006
If you spend £5 between midnight on sunday and 7:00pm on Friday then Vodafone will give you free calls and texts to UK landlines (01/02 numbers) or any UK Mobile and free text messages to any UK phone too!! All other calls are excluded, e.g. calls to non-geographic numbers, such as 0845 numbers, premium rate numbers, voicemail calls and data calls.

We will not deduct Eligible Calls from your voice pack nor will we deduct Eligible Texts from your text pack.

**IMPORTANT: After 60 minutes they start charging you for the call, so the best thing to do is hang up after about 50 minutes and redial it to keep talking for free!!**

Vodafone Free Weekends is available as an addition to the smartplus and smartstep price plans which customers can choose by calling 2345 or texting “free weekends” to 2345 and following the relevant instructions.

If you do not have a Vodafone SIM card already then you can purchase one at their website for just £2. It comes with upto £2 free airtime to start you off too. Or you could wait a couple of weeks to see if they give them away free. Subscribe to HUKD's deal alerts so you don't miss them!! If you are purchasing a phone on the Vodafone website then don't forget QuidCo - £5 cashback for Pay As You Go and £40 for a contract.
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