Unfortunately, this deal has expired 20 January 2023.
Posted 19 January 2023

Vodafone VeryMe Free Oasis 500ml - Any flavour drink from WHSmith

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

It's almost #FeelgoodFriday time! Refresh your day with a free Oasis drink from your closest participating WHSmith. Simply head to VeryMe Rewards this Friday to get your reward vodafone.co.uk/myvf/verymerewards Terms apply, reward only available on 20th January 2023.


Vodafone More details at Vodafone
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  1. sumayra's avatar
    I will have a couple of spare codes if anyone can make use of them 
    ghaffar123's avatar
    Yes please
  2. flapmio's avatar
  3. angie555's avatar
    Yes I see you've been asking for lots of codes all through the thread as somebody said what are you doing with them all

    Just sent you one (edited)
    CoolGeezer's avatar
    Opening a corner shop?
  4. BodisBest's avatar
  5. horizon-in's avatar
    If anyone wishes to have this in return for O2 Greggs coffee code, PM me
    Ags_Kmv's avatar
    Happy to swap for a Greggs coffee code !
  6. BodisBest's avatar
    Keeps telling me there is a connection error every time I try and start the app.
    Doesn't seem to be a problem with the scammers sending me junk texts though.
  7. WeeBilly's avatar
    Code going free if anyone wants
  8. angie555's avatar
    No thank you, as of yet, he must be in WHSmith's already
  9. chrismad4rit's avatar
    Already posted
    Weronika_Czajkowska's avatar
    By mistake both of them are mine
  10. bozo007's avatar
    Don't need mine, please PM if you want it. If you can offer me a Costa or Nero voucher, even better
    Brad1806's avatar
    Can I have a spare code pretty please.
  11. volc's avatar
    You can have mine
    Brad1806's avatar
    Do you have a spare code pretty please.
  12. Brad1806's avatar
    Anyone got a spare code pretty please.
  13. Akahn66's avatar
    EE doesn't give nada
  14. pokedude4's avatar
    i could use a spare if anyone will have
  15. Firefly1's avatar
    WHSmiths generally do care about seeing a live code. That's why the timer is only ten minutes. Don't go out of your way with a screenshot, as you are likely to be disappointed.
    CoolGeezer's avatar
    My local.is a super.friendly, able to grab 3 even tho only showing one code trusted me enough to do it
  16. imran.khankCc's avatar
    horizon-in's avatar
    Can you give o2 Greggs Coffee instead ? don’t mind even if u send one next week. PM me if thats ok   
  17. blobsy123's avatar
    I have a code free to a good gut
    Brad1806's avatar
    Can you please send me a code.
  18. achtukd's avatar
    Happy to give my code as well. DM me.
    Brad1806's avatar
    Can you send me code please.
  19. angie555's avatar
    I have a code for free if anyone wants it
    Brad1806's avatar
    Can you send me code please.
  20. SidGor's avatar
    I have a code happy to give away for no exchange PM
    Brad1806's avatar
    Can you send me code please.
  21. josh_alder's avatar
    I have a code for free, pm. First come first serve
  22. Remmyb's avatar
    I'm not gonna use mine, DM me if you want it
  23. imran.khankCc's avatar
    If you want a free code, let me know. I'm not using mine
  24. angie555's avatar
    Brad1806. A thank you would have been nice but never mind lesson learnt
    Brad1806's avatar
    I didn't use it sorry angie. As they didn't have any left.
  25. Thumbnail's avatar
    Such as the £5 off £30? I would really appreciate it if you have
  26. bumblebee23's avatar
    I'm not able to use mine so PM me please if anyone wants it
  27. normjaz's avatar
    Message me if you'd like a code, as I won't use mine. (edited)
  28. bargain.betty's avatar
    Message me if anyone is interested in swapping for a cafe Nero or greegs or anything ?
  29. angie555's avatar
    WHS-HvPuc57. I previously gave it to someone else he said he wasn't able to use it so here it is for anybody that wants it
's avatar