Vodafone Free Unlock

Vodafone Free Unlock

Found 15th Sep 2008
I think it has been posted before (so apologies) but its well worth repeating IF IT HAS

I had 3 PAYG vodafone locked mobiles unlocked by Vodafone over the phone yesterday, not charged a penny and im well pleased !, I had no credit on any of the phones, so I checked out the website for a landline number, there was an 0870 number so I keyed in the number to the "no to 0870 website" and called them.

3 phones ALL unlocked for nothing
Nice one Vodafone


yeah worth mentioning for those that may have missed

Thanks for the heads up but it's not really a deal is it though? Should be in misc:thumbsup:

So what was the contact number, and does this include contract phones?

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ok, if its not a deal, can mods please expire
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