Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Turbo Twist £79.99 @ Halfords

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Turbo Twist £79.99 @ Halfords

Found 12th Dec 2010
Was £119.99 - next cheapest for similar I can find is £85 plus delivery, as posted below) (if voting cold because cheaper else-where, please post a link)

The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Turbo Twist provides crazy fun offering 180 spins and 360 twists; many aspects of the Turbo Twist are styled on this year's Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-24 F1 car.

With the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Turbo Twist you can perform crazy 180 spins and 360 twists. The rear wing, exhaust and wide rear wheels are just like the MP4-24 car. Take control with the 20" front mag wheel, joystick controllers and powerful v-brake.


Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 car design and livery
McLaren Turbo Twist is suitable for ages 7 to 13 years old (77kg max weight)
Strong steel tubular frame with low centre of gravity for superior handling
20" front mag wheel with wide tyre
Freewheel allows driver to coast
Extra wide racing rear wheels for fun spinning skidding and sliding
Twin joysticks control rear wheels
Front v brake for speedy stops
Adjustable moulded seat
Rear tail wing and exhaust
Safety flag
Comes with all essential tools and easy to follow assembly manual
Styled on the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-24 F1 car
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Why cold, is it cheaper somewhere else?

Unfortunately, the way this site works nowadays, the OP challanged people to give a reason why voting cold, that is like a red rag to a bull on this site, thus people vote it cold for the hell of it and give no reason just to rub the salt in.
well 90% of posts here that get cold is because they dont like it.

I would bet that the people who voted cold are ferrari fans so voted cold... or they are just assholes.
Lol don't worry guys, I really don't care whether it gets to 100 degrees or minus 1000 degrees.
If it helps one person as a gift for their kids this Christmas then i'm happy - that's why I post here, votes/heat mean squat at the end of the day.

My Son would LOVE this but he's much too young unfortunately.

Merry Christmas!
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Next cheapest I can find is this at Smyth's Toy Store for £85 but IMO it's not as nice: smythstoys.com/go-…8d1
Just to update this deal.

Halfords now selling for £59.99. Just bought for the kids, great fun
This oldie looks a bit of a death trap.... Anyone actually buy one ?

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