Vodafone  MOD Advantage Scheme for Military 20% discount for service person and upto 5 friends & family.

Vodafone MOD Advantage Scheme for Military 20% discount for service person and upto 5 friends & family.

Found 11th Nov 2012
HI All,

I just thought Id highlight this as it appears that so many people in the military are still unaware this even exists.

I even heard that Vodafone staff themselves are denying that this exists.

I recently took out a contract with TopCashback (which was at the time was £120.00) on a sim only deal and a plan that should have cost me 20.50 per month is costing £6.40. I didnt post at the time as I wanted to see if the cashback would be paid.

There are some good savings to be had, I believe somewhere that is does say you cannot buy through quidco and get the discount however my hubby did and his has paid out too.

Great savings to be had, if you incorporate an online deal, cashback and the discount.
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They really keep this quiet. Almost like they're ashamed of it
I submitted the form for the discount but was told by Vodafone that they will not discount any tariff that is already subject to a promotion it offer. So the 20% is just for standard tariffs.
Is there a similar scheme for Civil Servants as Orange offer discounts of between 10% and 25% on a regular basis.
Are ex military personnel eligible, or is it just for those who are currently serving. I have several former military personnel in my family who may find this deal useful.
Vodafone have the same offer for quite a lot of companies (and not just huge ones: I think it's to do with the organisation having a business account with them) but the contract has to have been bought directly from Vodafone. To be honest, when I looked at it, even WITH the discount I struggled to find anything competitive.

Employee Discount Programme (this may be different to the MOD one I hasten to add but others may find it useful!)
Same discount applied for police/NHS staff.
Has to be applied for within the first 30 days of the contract or else you don't get it. I have been with Vodafone for 5 years, and been in police throughout this time, even getting them to deliver my new phone to my nick. But never once have they mentioned I could have qualified for this discount. I only found out because an NHS friend told me about it.
Well I'm eligible but even with 20% off, the standard tariffs aren't that good. the deals that I have been tempted by are those relating to 12 month contracts on either the s3 or the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 would be £169 plus 12 x £40.80 (20% off £51 per month) - total = £658.60

S3 would be the same but £99 instead of £169 - total = £588.60

TCB are also offering £50.50 for 12 month contracts through voda but like someone has just said, it may not work.

I'd be interested to know people's thoughts on the above deals as I'm tempted to go for one of them but don't know if there are better deals out there.
Hi guys, mine worked, yes it's not for everyone, but I only wanted the sim only deal and I've had both the cash back and the discount. I'm happy paying £6.40 a month 900 mins unlimited texts & 1GB of net which suits my lifestyle.

Does anyone know the "corporate email" address that needs to be entered to claim the military discount on the Vodafone registration form?
Well my hubby entered is mod.uk address but it didnt get through the security!! So he entered his personal hotmail and that worked fine, they email you back after checks and then they call you. You do need to enter your service no as your payroll no. Hope this helps.
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