Vodafone Pay as you go K3770 USB 3G Modem Stick/Dongle - £19.96  @  Carphone Warehouse

Vodafone Pay as you go K3770 USB 3G Modem Stick/Dongle - £19.96 @ Carphone Warehouse

Found 31st Aug 2011
This light-weight device Vodafone K3770 USB Modem Stick weighs only 30 grams. Broadband speeds for this Vodafone K3770 USB Modem Dongle is available in Vodafone's 850 Mobile Broadband coverage and Vodafone's 3G Mobile Broadband Standard Coverage areas.

Vodafone USB Stick Mobile Broadband imparts all your portable solutions including built-in Vodafone Mobile Connect software. So, get a pleasing experience by operating Vodafone K3770 USB Modem Stick!
Key Features: Vodafone Pay as you go K3770 USB Modem Stick/Dongle

3G broadband (HSDPA)/3G 2100MHz GPRS 850/1800/1900MHz
Compatible with PC
New 850 network ready
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cheaper here … cheaper here 14.99[url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.argos.co.uk%2Fstatic%2FProduct%2FpartNumber%2F5490835%2FTrail%2Fsearchtext%253EVODAFONE.htm]http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5490835/Trail/searchtext%3EVODAFONE.htm[/url]

Great price!! Can't find any stock anywhere though
A possible difference is argos deal says 3GB included, not 2GB. Argos also says "Enjoy up to three months pay as you go" (i.e. initial expiry 3 months).
Argos is also out of stock for home delivery.

Compare to

which maybe an older zte k3570-z model (which is 2GB expiring in 30 days)
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My mate bought one of these last month from argos, although they say it's valid for three months it isn't, it's just one, so he wasn't to happy about that - thank you argos!

I did try and get one myself but argos had no stock anywhere... whats the point in being cheaper than everyone else if you can't buy the product - useless!

they are good little products though, internet anywhere - i think 19.96 is more than reasonable, they used to be 24.99 - so heat from me!
can anyone tell me if i need to have a landline to use a dongle?not very savvy on technology, thanks.
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