Vodafone PAYG Motorola Moto E £50

Vodafone PAYG Motorola Moto E £50

Found 23rd Jul 2016
This looks like 2nd gen from the specks not sure so check it out for your self..
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This is the normal price at Vodafone. It's been available from there for £35 on at least 3 occasions.
ok fair enough..
Wow, this is colder than my ex wifes heart.
lol no wonder she is your ex wife , my ex wife informed me that l have no heart that's good l thought means no heart attack..
The new Moto E3 is out now at Argos for £99.95, so Vodafone must have been selling off old stock of the E2, which I bought at £35, so I am surprised that it has gone back up to £50.
still waiting on moto g 3rd gen to drop in price seems even moto g 4 is falling but the 3rd keeping at same price
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