Vodafone Phone Insurance for just £30 a year (saving over £50)
Vodafone Phone Insurance for just £30 a year (saving over £50)

Vodafone Phone Insurance for just £30 a year (saving over £50)

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Vodafone are offering on their website Insurance for just £30 a year.

Instead of £83.40 a year (£6.95 a month)

The GO TO DEAL does not work. Click More below to see correct link to deal.

Get this deal before Vodafone remove this offer from their website as apparently it is on their by mistake!!.

Instead of £83.40 a year (£6.95 a month)

See the following Link:


Phone customer Services / Complete Online 'Contact Us' at Vodafone and notfy them that you are looking for this deal. It is false advertising of they do not give you this deal as advertirsed on their UK website.

Good Luck


Phone insurance is usually free with household insurance...

Yup, if you've got home contents then chances are your phone is covered.

i think most do not cover it if the phone was stolen away from the home, i may be wrong

your home insurance will cover you if it is lost, damaged or stolen away from the home if you have Personal Possessions cover as part of your policy - but be aware, this will only cover the replacement of the handset, not the cost of any calls made if your phone is stolen. your mobile insurance will cover the cost of the handset and the cost of any calls made

I'm paying £5 a month at the moment which I thought was good... Can't lose anything for inquiring, so I may well give Voda a nod later!


Home insurance will not cover water damage normally and usually only covers a phone to a value of £250.

Also do you really want to claim on your house insurance as the premiums will go up and you don't have that worry with the Vodafone policy which compared to a few other mobile companies is actually really good cover.

I've claimed twice for mobile phones on household insurance...

The first got soaked in a pocket in the rain...

The second i left somewhere at Legoland...

Both times they paid out...

My insurance has only gone up by £0.95 per year...

Mobile phone insurance is a rip off at £5 -£15 a month...

Mobiles can be traced to within feet of their location...

Any thief will turn the phone off and remove the sim card...
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