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Posted 29 August 2022

Vodafone Pro Gigafast 900 + Apple TV 4K + unlimited calls for £38/month (24 months) (Area Dependent) + possible cashbackvia TCB @ Vodafone

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Cheapest Gigafast I've seen in an Openreach FTTP, CityFibre usually around this price.

Includes Vodafone Pro/router + extender, which is quite bad imo, changed my router on their 500mb package and added 150mb onto my speed over wifi lol. That being said the 4G backup is an excellent perk.

There is a giftcloud and TCB deals that I've seen on other deals however this was through TCB and they have a £58/month price coming up for me. You can always use the standard £105 TCB for "new purchases".
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    No deal.

    They hike prices up every summer , CPI and Inflation.

    That's on the ORIGINAL PRICE without any discounts! !
    This is gonna be one extremely expensive deal in April.. and worse the next.
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    Doesn't show this price for me.

    gigafast 900 £50

    Pro gigafast 900 £30

    Pro gigafast 900 Xtra £69

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    I’m not seeing it, this is all it’s offering me

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    I have BT through OpenReach FTTP and can get up to 900mbps if I were to remortgage but Voda will only quote me on full fibre at 200mbps.

    I’d have jumped on this and paid early cancellation on BT if they did it here
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    Gigabit pro package is fixed price for two years. No annual price increase. Just check the terms to make sure that this offer has the same terms.
    Hi - where have you seen this? I've been on live chat and they have said there will be price increases?
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    Does anyone know if Vodafone offer a landline product?

    I'm struggling to decide what to do - I'm currently with Plusnet, standard fibre, but can soon upgrade to FTTP - however, plusnet don't (and won't) offer a standalone landline product, so if I changed from Fibre to FTTP, I'd lose my landline and number that we've had for 36 years, which we don't want to do. Plusnet were no help at all.

    What I think I need to do is move away from Plusnet for the upgrade to FTTP, but to an ISP that will let me keep a landline - for as long as landlines exist, which is only a couple of years I believe, but keeping the number is the most important part of the problem.

    I can see during the signup process that they ask for my landline number I'd be using, but will they actually provide me with a landline I can still make/receive calls on?

    If it were me

    Wait for the contract to end at Plusnet
    SIPgate port the number out to them (£40)
    One day later have your FTTP broadband install.

    This way your number is yours works on any provider and you don't have to worry about it.
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    Does anyone have recent experience with BT early termination fees? I talks about subtracting the costs we save but no details other than the example.

    I have about 3 or 4 months left @ £35 / 150mb so this is very tempting especially if it's price locked.
    You can request they delay activation for 12 weeks. So that's what I've done.
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    Has anyone who has been offered the Gigabit Pro for £30/month managed to receive any confirmation about a price freeze? I'm very tempted by the deal but concerned about price increases particularly as they are added to the pre discount price (£63) and inflation is likely to be 10%+. Been on live chat and phone and had conflicting answers
    There is no price freeze. End of. If they had price freeze they would use market it clearly to sell more.

    (They had a price freeze end of last year and they specifically mentioned it as a selling point)
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    Am I right in thinking that the Vodafone gigafast 900 is no good? From what I gathered by the comments on here, is that you have a lot of problems, such as high ping, slower than 500mb etc. Reason I ask is because I'm on Virgin 1gig and it's extremely fast (900-1200mbps).
    Current ping at 15ms for me according to netmeter.co.uk/pin…est (using any of the London servers and living in London).

    Never lagged on PS5 via WiFi or ethernet. (edited)
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    I see the deal is still up, but you need to select the "Xtra Package" to reduce the price on the Gigafast 900 Xtra service.
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    This might be of interest to some, however reading all the comments and the different ways in which you can get a discount, I decided to call up Vodafone directly (0808 003 4515) and see what the options were. After a vey lengthy call (due to their slower systems), they confirmed that City Fibre have a 50% sale on at the moment and I have been offered the Pro Gigafast 900 for £27!

    Note, this does not include any cashback or freebies like Apple TV or Amazon stick, however I do not need any of these (already have them). For me this is a great deal with no faff. I do have an existing Vodafone mobile pay monthly, so would have been £30 without, but was further reduced to £27.

    Like I said, might help a few who don't need the extras, or dont want to worry about cashback tracking etc.

    Also not sure if this was specic to me based on mobile account, however I've never had BB with Vodafone.
    that's a good deal. never had broadband with them either before so hopefully will be ok. we have it at my work place (can't complain). I've read about people complaining about the ping times being too big or speeds lower than it should be. Apparently their router is a bit sh*t and using a different router solved all the issues (ppoe username and password required from Vodafone to use own router)
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    Hmm I already have the 500 which is £39 p.m.
    wonder if I can switch
    I just called them. I was already on the 900Mb package. They put my price down to £30 a month, and gave me an Apple TV 4K.
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    Looks like a great deal, especially compared to BT pricing. Hopefully their service reliable and consistent? To be fair BT has been good.

    Thanks for the post and the Info about signing up and potential delay. Think I will try this.

    T (edited)
    They both use openreach so the service is as good (or bad) as BT. I've only used their customer service a handful of times and had no issues.
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    Has the uswitch deal for £30/month 900mbps with £120 cashback ended?

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    Better off sticking on eBay when they run a £1 selling fees promo
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    Incredible offer. I switched to Vodafone full fibre 2 weeks ago on 500mb for about £35 p/m, I just went on chat with them and managed to switch to this deal ... so the same price but double the speed and with freebies !

    I upgraded from 67 to 500 when they rolled out FTTP in my neigbourhood for £32 a month, tempted to upgrade again and sell off the Apple TV to cover the price bump. (edited)
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    Looks like a fantastic deal if everything goes off as it should.

    TCB saying £89.25 cashback, but not a guarantee obvs.

    £38 /month over 24 months is £912 over the two years. Apple TV 4K can be sold on for over £100, but call it £100 because hassle.

    £912 - £89.25 - £100 = £722.75 over the two years adjusted

    £722.75 / 24 = £30.11 per month if all works out.

    Also £3 month discount for existing mobile customers would take this down to £27 per month.

    if I weren’t locked into a contract with Sky I’d be really tempted by this.

    Edit: looks like this is also the Pro Xtra tier with the mesh router and the 4G backup. Scorching. (edited)

    Replying to

    EDIT: I was wrong about these figures, and they're actually quite bad - I've revised what I *think* the formula is but I'm not sure and I doubt Vodafone will be particularly transparent. 10-15% monthly price hikes in April 2023 aren't out of the question. Still think this is a reasonable deal, but they may claw back the Apple TV price though the hikes over that year.

    I suspect the formula for that is:

    (pre-discount fee) * ((cpi increase) * + 3.09) - discount

    so for a monthly cost of £71, and a 5% CPI:

    (71 * 1.0809) = £76.74

    £76.74 - £33 = £43.74 after adjustment

    That also assumes the CPI is 5% and that they aren't obligated to allow for termination at rise under the legislation.

    You'd also need to assume that you can either get a guaranteed deal with no raises over the 24 month term now and/or that the deal you would otherwise get from another provider in a year would be better than this price + whatever the CPI is at that time. Given this is a pretty hot price today I'd be skeptical you're going to get an equal or better price in an environment of even higher inflation. (edited)
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    ok so on the phone they are now offering me £30 per month for the gigafast 910. ( no apple tv), fixed price 2 years. (edited)
    They ended up trying to charge me more that the price above to upgrade hahaha (edited)
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    I just checked and I can get it in my FTTP (openreach) area. Seems to be an amazing deal!
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    Gutted my Virgin contract does finish until November. Would be all over this
    Order it but delay the install/go live. I delayed mine by 4 months. Speak to CS when ordering. (edited)
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    Having issues with my "upgrade" at the moment. The PDF with terms they sent me said £68 per month, not £35 per month! ( after voda together discount).

    So read the PDF people! (edited)
    So they have failed to upgrade me. They can't get the cheaper price, despite the website offering it to me. Asked me to go back on chat in 3 days...
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    I got this deal without the Apple TV for £30 per month with £70ish Quidco cash back if that’s more suitable for anybody that doesn’t want an Apple TV. I just searched for Fibre options in Quidco and the Gigafast deal was there
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    I have FTTP and all other providers offering 900 mbps but on Vodafone only showing up to 200 mbps. Are the pro version only available in certain areas. Ours is newly developed area with full fibre to home built in.
    My area was the same, signed up with max 200 when it became available at the start of the year. 500 became available last month and I upgraded. Seems they roll out at 200 initially
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    Recently signed up to this after having vodafone normal broadband (62mb) for the last 2 years and had great service. Got the £30 deal without apple TV as I don't need it, but they threw in an amazon tech pack (firestick and echo I think)

    Also got the £3 discount for my wife being a voda customer
    They're going to charge me more than the above deal if I upgrade from 500 to 900 . Might have to try phone them instead of live chat and see what they say.
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    I'm back on the phone again as no-one called me back and they deny the offer existed.
    Now when I do a postcode check its back to full price
    might want to remove your address form the screenshot
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    Really not sure what to do

    I've gone on live chat, and the adviser there has said the CPI+3.9% increase is on the £38, not £71. If it does turn out to be the £71 I could always put in a complaint as I have the chat transcript emailed to me.

    I'd buy through Topcashback Compare - giftcloud have confirmed I would get the £125 gift card and there is also £77 cashback. I'd sell the Apple TV 4K - someone below said you can get £150 for them on eBay, and I'd sell during a £1 max fees offer.


    £38 x 24 = £912
    minus £125 gift card = £787
    minus £77 cashback = £710
    minus £150 for selling Apple TV = £560

    This is £23.33/month, not taking into account the CPI+3.95% increases in April 23 and 24.

    I've just been offered £16/month by Virgin Media retentions for 100Mb. (edited)
    Depends on how much speed you need.
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    Spoke with Vodafone earlier they confirm this deal is live until the 4th Oct
    Spoke with them and manager said they are told 24hrs before when the deals end from up top .
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    How are you guys getting this price? £45 per month for me.

    I just checked my postcode and it's still the same:

    Choose the Xtra for the discount.
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    Thank you all for your feedback and help in getting this deal.

    I am after some advice please?

    I currently have VODA BB Fibre SuperFast 2 - which gives pretty good speeds of 63mb regularly and just now. I pay £17 per month for this. All our devices are online regularly with no issues etc.

    I am tempted to go FTTP, but wondering if there is a REAL world difference is upgrading to 900mb, and while THIS is a good deal, it's a bit more the DOUBLE than what I'm paying now.

    But having FTTP probably means even faster experiences/downloads etc, and am wondering for those that have gone and upgraded from Fibre to FTTP, have you noticed ANY REAL WORLD DIFFERENCES, please

    Thank you again HUK deals community
    No real world difference if you are not constantly downloading games, large files. Btw get at least 100mbps if you want to stream 4k movies. 63mbps is just enough but give it some overhead (edited)
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    £120 Amazon voucher stated at the top when I was looking . Will have to reverse engineer to see how it got it to state that (edited)
    must have gone through uswitch, thats how the £120 voucher will show.
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    Funny thing is people saying it’s expired, but the Xtra pro 900 is now showing up for me at £38 where it wasn’t previously but was for most others.

    Im presuming as this deal was targeted at Openreach customers which is what I have currently installed in my property thorough BT, the price I’m getting quoted now would be based on CityFibre providing the service?
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    Sorry to jump on this deal - which router did you switch to? I'm looking
    I got a Netgear nighthawk RAX40 off eBay for £40. I'd recommend it or even an ASUS or TP-Link.
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    Signed up, £35 a month plus hopefully the cash back. The cash back will cover any CPI etc. Brilliant deal thanks op.
    Cash back tracks at £95.
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    The previous deal was for the 900 pro package for £30 a month and £155 gift card. So this is a good deal but the previous one was better in my opinion
    Don’t think that was available in openreach areas before and this deal is which is good
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    Worth stating theyjust told me this has price feeze for 2 years.
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    I’d check Be-Fibre is they are your area better prices
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    Does anyone happen to know when this deal expires? As i need an activation date 6 days after the current latest one of 23rd Sept as im on holiday till 28th
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    Tried to order this online, switching from SKY but Vodafone website wouldn't complete order, saying my personal details are incorrect (They are correct)

    Called Vodafone as thought they could do it over phone. First wouldn't accept my bank details and then failed me on credit check.

    I have zero issues on my credit file and cant see a single reason for it to not pass.

    If anyone had similar issue and got it resolved let me know.

    Shame guess I will stick with SKY
    Filled form in with there credit team and now accepted
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    Any idea of Vodafone will pay my early termination fee with my current provider?
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    Can't get it at DE21, maybe in a year or two! 😞
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    Cracking deal. Annoying as I ordered EE 500 FTTP on 1 Aug for £39p/m. Activation date is in Sep, is there a way of getting out for free after cool off but before activation? (edited)
    You should be able to just call and say you have changed your mind. EE terms says cooling off period starts on activation
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    Just a small point but apple tv is only 3 months per the plan details. Hot deal none the less! Im contracted on BT till oct 2023 but now have fttp availability so will need to start looking at this in next 6 months as not sure how long it will take openreach to plan running the fibre to premises as i have quite a large drive
    yeah but more importantly you get the physical appleTV 4K Box (edited)