Vodafone quidco cashback - £150 on £58.50 tariffs....incl iPhone 6 / Plus

Vodafone quidco cashback - £150 on £58.50 tariffs....incl iPhone 6 / Plus

Found 12th Sep 2014
Simple, and likely to be colder than a disney movie, but if you're looking for an iPhone 6, £150 cashback from Vodafone via quidco is looking good. They're also including spotify and netflex which are worth a bit if you want them.
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I doubt people who pay £58.50 per month for a phone contract would use Quidco They clearly like wasting money!
iphone 6 = £539 (Unlocked)
Sim only £7.5 a month for 24 months (180) may get some cashback also

Total £539+£180 = £719

Will cost £29.96 per months equivalent

Just ordered one for me
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Edited by: "cormet" 12th Sep 2014
What are you getting in your £7.50 a month tariff?
I had 200 quid cashback with 30 quid worth tariff and it wasn't good deal either. Btw AVOID Vodafone, they are troublemakers. For me- never again.
Do you know whether you can do this with upgrading with Vodafone want to keep my number?
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