Vodafone Samsung Genio Slide 300 mins possible £12.50/month

Vodafone Samsung Genio Slide 300 mins possible £12.50/month

Found 16th Apr 2010
I was looking for a new mobile phone contract and was after the new Samsung Genio Slide phone.

I noticed that Vodafone are doing a 12 month, 300 mins, unlimited texts monthly contract, but noticed that Quidco are giving £150 cashback.

Thus this means you can get a high spec touch screen phone, with slide out keyboard for effectively £12.50/month as can be seen below:.

12 months at £25 is £300 less the £150 Quidco = £150

Thus phone and contract costs £150 over the year or £12.50 per month, which is great value.

If you wanted, you should get a minimum of £80 for the phone on ebay, thus 300 mins and the unlimited texts should work out about £5.83 per month if you wanted to sell and use your old phone.

Please before thinking of voting cold because of the Quidco cash back, I have checked my account and my £150 from Vodafone was tracked within minutes of receiving the confirmation e-mail from Vodafone.


There's a better deal on Vodaphone for the Slide.

You can get a £10pm deal with the same Genio Slide phone. That's 100mins and 500 txts.

I've just done it and Quidco has already tracked at £150. So for 2 years of mobile phone it's only £90 or £3.75 a month. :-D

the phone isnt high spec.

My £150 Quidco tracked within 1 hour but at £0.

Anybody else had same?
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